Wilson 801212 Cell Phone Booster Kit Review

Written by: Kevin Taylor   January 13, 2011

Wilson 801212 Cell Phone Booster Diagram


The Wilson 801212 is a cell phone signal booster vehicle kit from Wilson Electronics.  This kit includes the following components:
The Wilson 801212 is a complete kit.  Everything is included to get a strong cell signal in your vehicle while you travel.

Wilson 801212 Cell Phone Booster Kit Box

Wilson has put this kit together to make it easier or customers to purchase the correct products.  Both antennas, internal low profile and mag-mount roof antenna, connect to the Wilson 801201 amplifier with strong FME connectors.  The FME connectors are attached securely to the side of the metal case.  All components can be hand-tightened for operation.  No tools are required to make the connections.
Wilson 801201 cell phone booster with antennas
Amplifier with Antennas

Wilson 801201 Wireless Cell Phone Booster

The Wilson 801201 has been around for years.  Internally it has gone through multiple internal revisons.  Earlier revisions had multiple internal circuit boards.  About a year ago this was changed to a single board and a new a new sleeker metal case was adopted.
3-Watts of Power
This 3-watt cell phone booster is considered to be one of the best mobile wireless booster available.  It is rated at about 40dB gain for 800Mhz and about 45-47 dB gain for 1900MHz.  This allows for a nice cellular hot-spot in your vehicle.
Indicator Lights
The amplifier has 3 indicator lights on the front, power light, 800Mhz light, and 1900MHz light.  All lights green means the cell phone booster is fully operational.  The 800 or 1900 light may be green or red.  Red indicates oscillation.  When oscillation occurs, the amplifier will shut off.  This is an excellent feature because while in a vehicle, you may drive near a cell tower.
Frequencies and Carriers
This is a dual-band bi-directional cell phone booster.  It handles 800Mhz (all bands) and 1900MHz (all bands) for GSM, CDMA and TDMA carriers.  This means that all carriers such as Verison, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel, etc that use these frequencies and format will work.  2G and 3G in these frequencies is also boosted.  4G is using new frequencies and this amplifier along with other mobile amplifiers at the time this review was written, do not support 4G.
Wilson 801201 Top View
Top View showing indicator lights
Wilson 801201 Side View
Side View showing FME Male Connector

Wilson 301103 12" Mag-Mount Antenna

The Wilson 301103 is included with the kit.  This antenna is about 12" long with a magnet moung base.  It is built very well and the magnet was improved last year to be bigger and better.
This antenna has about 10' of RG174 coax attached and the coax has an FME-Female connector at the end.  10' of coax is usually enough to run from the mounting location to the amplifier which is usually placed under the passenger seat.
The Wilson 301103 has many years of experience.  As far as vehicle antennas go, this is a good one.  It has about 5dB of gain on 800MHz and slightly higher for 1900MHz.
Wilson 301103 Magnet Mount Antenna
Wilson 301103 Mag-Mount Antenna

Wilson 301127 Low Profile Antenna

Connected to the amplifer in the vehicle is an interior broadcast antenna.  The Wilson 301127 is used to broadcast the cell signal in the vehicle.  The antenna is flat and rectangle.  It is mounted with Velcro.  A Velcro patch the size of the antenna is included.  I recommend that you only use a piece of it.  The entire piece is not needed to hold the antenna in place and sometimes it is nice to have multiple locations in the vehicle where you can mount the antenna.
Special Note:  The Wilson 301127 works best when it is mounted in a vertical position like shown in the picture to the right.  Never mount this antenna against a metal surface.
Wilson 301127 Low Profile Antenna
Wilson 301127 & Velcro patch

Vehicle Power Supply

A vehicle power supply is included with the Wilson 801212 Kit.  This power supply has a replaceable fuse in the end and a nice on/off switch.  The on/off switch has a small indicator light to let you know if the switch is on.  This feature is nice for those who have recepticals that are always on.  A 3-watt amplifier can run down your car battery if left on when the car is not running, so be sure to turn the amplifier off.
The Wilson 801201 amplifier is a 6v device and the power supply converts from the vehicle 12v power supply to 6v.  Make sure if you are using someone elses power supply that it matches the proper 6v specifications.  An optional Wilson 859912 AC power supply is available for a wall plug if you need to use the equipment inside a building.
Wilson 859913 DC 6v Power Supply
Wilson Vehicle Power Supply 


The Wilson 801212 Kit with the Wilson 801201 3-watt cell phone booster is a power-house.  It is well-built and has the right performance.  This is probably one of the best mobile vehicle amplifiers on the market.  There are other good systems out there that have similar performance, but if your can afford the extra money for the Wilson 801212, then you won't go wrong.

Wilson 801212 Diagram