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Top Signal RF Meter with Case
Top Signal RF Meter to test RF signals from 15MHz to 2700MHz. Rechargeable, pocket sized meter for testing in-building cell signal strength or outside cell signal strength. Handles 2G, 3G, and 4G.
Wilson 991107 Trucker Antenna Spring
Optional Spring for Wilson 301101 Trucker Antenna. This spring attaches to the base of the 301101 trucker antenna to give it extra flexibility.
Soft Carry Case for Cell Phone Signal Booster
Soft Carry Case for Mobile Amplifiers. Designed to carry Wilson and Top Signal mobile boosters, antennas, cables, power supplies, and other accessories. Veco tie-down straps to keep everything in place.
Wilson 859970 Accessory Kit
Home/Office Accessory Kit for Wilson Sleeks and MobilePro. Includes wall plug power supply, desktop mount, antenna window mount, and soft carry case.
Wilson 901130 Cup Holder Mount
Cup Holder Mount for Wilson Sleek, Wilson Mobile Pro, and Wilson Cradle Antenna. Adjustable base allows the cup holder mount to be securely placed in most cup holders. Easy way to mount your Sleek or Wilson cradle in your vehicle.
DL-801K Ratchet Crimping Tool
Ratchet Crimping Tool for 400 coax cable, connectors, etc
CST400 Coax Cable Prep Tool
LMR-400 Cable Prep Tool
Goal Zero Sherpa 50 components
50 watt-hour portable power pack. Charge your laptop, tablet, cell phone or satellite phone. Run your mobile cellular amplifer off the grid. Excellent option for portable cell signal booster kit off grid operation. Optional 110v inverter is available.
Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Portable Power Pack
Price $199.95
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Run you Booster Off-the-Grid
CM-Meter-01 SureCall RF Signal Meter
SureCall RF Meter from Cellphone-Mate to test RF signals for cellular, PCS, AWS, Verizon LTE, and AT&T LTE. Rechargeable, in-building cell signal strength or outside cell signal strength. Handles 2G, 3G, and 4G.