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Wilson SignalBoost Portable Universal Kit

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Wilson 811210 Cell Phone Booster with Case
Wilson 811210 Cell Phone Booster with CaseWilson 811210 SignalBoost Amplifier12" Magnet Mount AntennaWilson 901118 Window MountWilson 859903 AC/DC Power SupplyWilson 859904 DC Power Supply
Gain: 25dB
Group: Mobile Kit
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year

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Discontinued by Manufacturer

Wilson 811210 / 811710 / 811910 Portable Universal Kit

The Powerful Signal Portable Universal Kit is a good all-around, cost effective, portable cell phone booster kit.  This portable kit uses the Wilson 811210 dual-band SignalBoost amplifier with up to 3 Watts of power to communicate with cell towers.  Options in this kit include international frequencies for 900/1800MHz and 900/2100MHz.  This is a complete kit that includes the Wilson 811210 dual-band SignalBoost (single user) amplifier, antennas, power supplies and soft carry case.  This kit requires a physical connection to cell phone or data card using a universal ultra-thin antenna and Velcro.

Product Description

For everyday use or emergencies.  Boosts cellular signal for your cell phone or laptop datacard.  The Powerful Signal Portable Universal Kit comes with its own soft carry case.  Multiple power supplies allow the cellular amplifier to operate on AC wall plug power or DC vehicle power.  The kit can easily be transferred between vehicles, home, office, boat or ATV.
The carrying case has pockets and straps to hold all equipment securely.  The 12" magnet mount antenna can easily be placed on the roof of a vehicle or on the metal suction cup window mount that attaches to the inside of the window in your home, cabin, RV or hotel room.


There are 3 different frequency options available for this system:
  • US /  Canada - 800/1900MHz
  • International - 900/1800MHz
  • International - 900/2100MHz

NOTE: The international frequencies are for Europe, Asia, Africa etc.  They will not work in the US or Canada.  Be sure to select 800/1900MHz if you are in the US, Canada or Caribbean area.  Check with your carrier if you do not know your frequency.  Call Powerful Signal if you have any questions.



For Vehicle Use

The 12" magnet mount antenna is placed on the roof of the vehicle and connected to the amplifier with 10' of RG174 coax.  The amplifier can be left in the case and the case placed under the front passenger seat.  A vehicle power supply is connected to the amplifier and plugged into the vehicle receptical.  The Wilson Ultra-thin 301143 antenna (about the size of a credit card) connects to the amplifier and is attached via Velcro to the cell phone or datacard.

For Desktop Use

The 12" antenna comes with 10' of RG174 coax attached to it.  This antenna can be mounted on the inside of a nearby window using the supplied suction cup window mount.  The 12" antenna sits on the L-bracket in the window and connects directly to the amplifier.
The ultra-thin antenna with 10' of coax connects directly to the amplifier and attaches to your cell phone or data card using Velcro.
The combination of coax on the two antennas equals about 20'.  Extension coax can be used, but it is recommended that only small lengths (5' or 10') be used due to signal loss in the coax.

Portable Power Pack (Sold Separately)

If you need to run your cellular booster off the grid, we have the solution for you.  The Sherpa 50 with 110v inverter allow you to run your cellualar amplifier for hours. You can also run/charge laptops, cell phones, satellite phone, etc.  Don't be caught without power. Checkout the Goal Zero Sherpa 50.
Rechargeable Power Pack with 110v Inverter

Coverage Area

This system does not broadcast boosted cell signals.  It requires that your cell phone or datacard be tethered to the Wilson 811210 amplifier via the ultra-thin antenna.  This is a single user/device system.

Kit Contents

Soft Case
Wilson 811210 Amplifier 
12" Antenna 
Ultra-thin Anenna 
Suction Cup Mount 
Wall Power
Vehicle Power
  1. Wilson 811210 dual-band SignalBoost amplifier
  2. Powerful Signal Soft Carry Case
  3. Wall Plug Power Supply
  4. Vehicle Power Supply
  5. 12" 5dB gain magnet mount antenna
  6. Ultra-thin Antenna for phone/datacard
  7. Suction cup L-bracket window mount

View 811210 Installation Guide


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