Top Signal Soft Carry Case

Top Signal Soft Carry Case

Soft Carry Case for Mobile Amplifiers. Designed to carry Wilson and Top Signal mobile boosters, antennas, cables, power supplies, and other accessories. Veco tie-down straps to keep everything in place.
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Type: Portable
Group: Accessory

Top Signal's custom Mobile Amplifier Carry Case

Take your cellular amplifier and accessories with you in an easy to pack soft carry case.  Large case that easily stores an amplifier, 12" magnet mount antennas, power supplies, coax, and other accessories.  Keep everything neatly together.  This soft carry case has been designed by Powerful Signal.

Product Description

This large 14" x 9" soft case has been designed and produced for Powerful Signal.  It is designed specifically to store and carry vehicle amplifier, antennas and coax.  Roomy 4" x 9" pocket allows for neat storage of power supplies and extra coax cables.  The case also has enough room to store multiple magnet mount antennas.
NOTE: SureCall TriFlex2Go boosters do not fit in this case.
  Top Signal Mobile Cell Signal Booster Carry Case


  • Fits Wilson, SureCall, and Top Signal Mobile Amplifiers
  • Soft sided case
  • 1 large pocket on lid for papers and flat accessories
  • Roomy 4" x 9" interior pocket
  • 2 Velcro tie-downs on each side
  • Velcro straps to hold amplifier
  • Large straps for easy carrying
  • Zips closed to keep everything in place
Soft Carry Case shown with components
Carry Case shown loaded with components
(components not included)