Utility and energy DAS solutions for better cell signal and 4G data

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Cellular DAS Solutions for Utility and Energy Facilities

The Problem

Dams, power plants, monitoring stations, electrical grid operations, oil and gas drilling platforms, and other similar facilities all have one thing in common: a significant challenge obtaining a reliable cellular signal to support data and voice services.

Streaming data and sending and receiving voice and text messages have become a critical part of utility employees' jobs, but the metal and dense concrete in those structures often block cell signals from getting inside, impairing the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other cellular devices.

The Powerful Signal Solution

At Powerful Signal, we specialize in restoring clear, reliable cell signal in even the most challenging facilities. We've been designing and installing distributed antenna systems (DAS) since 2007, using non-proprietary, FCC-certified components. Our solutions can be scaled to any size building, and their modular design means they can be installed in critical areas first and later expanded, as budgets and needs change.

We also provide oil, gas, and utility companies with mobile cell phone booster that can be easily mounted into service vehicles, giving your personnel the ability to stay connected farther away from cell towers. These mobile cell phone amplifiers are also available in portable kits that can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, if necessary.

Empowering Cellular Communications

Hundreds of businesses, including utility, energy, and mining companies, have benefited from our ability to resolve seemingly insurmountable cellular connectivity problems. Whether your facility is large or small, we will deliver a solution that provides the superior results you expect, in a timeline that suits your schedule, and at a price that meets your budget.

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Our Projects: Systems for Utility and Energy Facilities

Here is a just a sample of the projects Powerful Signal has completed for office building environments.

Projects vary by size and complexity; some cover the entire building, a single floor, or just a specific problem area.

Powerful Signal respects the privacy of our large corporate and government customers, and does not publish their names.

Dam (150,000+ ft²)

An 800-foot-wide dam in Missouri needed cell signal on four levels to enable communications for its employees. Powerful Signal designed a system to bring cell signal to all the levels of the structure.

Dam (24,000 ft²)

A concrete dam in California needed a strong cell signal inside for work and emergency use. Powerful Signal solved this problem with a cellular DAS system that covered eight levels in the dam.

Power & Light Company (25,000 ft²)

A power company in Florida needed better cell signal in their office and warehouse facilities. Powerful Signal designed a single-floor system that covered 25,000 square feet and enabled their employees to use cellular devices in any situation.

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