Utility Cell Phone Booster Solutions - Buildings, Dams, Exploration

Cellular Solutions for utility companies

Unique Settings Present Connectivity Challenges

Dams, bunkers, power plants, monitoring stations, electrical grid operations, oil and gas drilling platforms and other similarly unique and/or remote locations all have one thing in common: a significant challenge sustaining a reliable cellular signal to support needed data and voice services.  With the proliferation of metal and concrete in the structures at such facilities, cell signals have little chance maintaining usable strength on a consistent basis, neutering the otherwise significant capabilities of today's smartphones and tablets.  Sending and receiving voice and text messages and streaming data become an iffy proposition at best.

Mobile Cell Phone Booster Systems

The utility, oil, and gas industry has many mobile personnel assigned to monitor and maintain services all over the US, Canada, and other parts of the world.  Powerful Signal provides many oil, gas, and utility companies with vehicle cell phone booster that can be easily mounted into service vehicles giving personnel the ability to stay connected farther away from cell towers.  These mobile cell phone boosters also are available in portable kits that can be moved from vehicle to vehicle if necessary.

Challenges We Can Meet

At Powerful Signal Business Solutions, we specialize in resolving the most challenging connectivity issues.  With our knowledge and experience we assess the specifics of each situation and design a workable solution to ensure a vibrant cell signal exists to support needed communications twenty four seven, even if remote areas.  Using non-proprietary FCC certified cell phone booster components we design enterprise systems that allow full connectivity in and around each building and structure.  The systems are completely customizable in scale and modular detail allowing us the flexibility of delivering a system that exactly fits the particulars of each situation.

We're Here to Help

Hundreds of businesses, including utilities and fortune 500 companies in the US, Canada and other parts of the world, have relied on our ability to resolve seemingly insurmountable problems.  Put to the test, whatever your voice and data connectivity problem, large or small.  We are confident we will deliver you a fully functional system that provides the superior results you expect in a timeline that suits your schedule and at a price that meets your budget.
Clear, strong data and voice, wherever, whenever.  That's Powerful Signal Business Solutions.

Projects - Power, Utility and Oil Companies

Powerful Signal has designed cellular repeater systems for various concrete and steel buildings used by power, utility, oil, and gas companies.  Powerful Signal has designed systems for multiple dams, and power buildings throughout the US.  Below is a partial list of recent projects Powerful Signal has completed for this type of environment. 

Dam - 150,000+ sf
A large dam in Missouri encased in concrete need cell signal on 4 levels.  This 800+ foot wide dam needed cellular communications for its employees.  Powerful Signal designed a system to bring cell signals into all 4 levels of the structure.
Dam - 24,000 sf
A concrete dam in California void of usable cell signal needed a strong cell signal for work related and emergency use.  A cellular booster system was designed to cover 8 levels with the dam covering about 24,000 square feet.
Power & Light Company - 25,000 sf
A power company in Florida needed better signal in both their offices and warehouse area.  Powerful Signal designed a single floor system that covered 25,000 square feet.

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