Wilson weBoost EQO - What Makes it Different

by Kevin Taylor  Jan 19, 2015

There are many different types of cell phone boosters sold today.  They all have the same goal; boost and improve a cell signal in a home, office, or vehicle.  There are a few good manufacturers for consumer products that invest a great deal of time and money into engineering the best possible product.  Wilson Electronics, in my opinion, is one of the best manufacturers on the market.  I am familiar with there operation and have been in there engineering and production area many times talking with staff.  The weBoost EQO (pronounced "echo") is something new and very different from Wilson Electronics.

weBoost EQO Cell Phone Booster

Conventional Cell Phone Booster

A conventional cell phone booster system is made up of 5 main components:

  1.  Rooftop donner antenna that communicates with the cell tower
  2. Coax cable that connects the donner antenna to the cell phone booster
  3. Cell phone booster that boosts the cell signal received from the donner antenna
  4. Coax cable that connects the cell phone booster to the interior antenna
  5. Interior broadcast antenna that communicates with the cell phone.
Consumer cell phone booster have been around for years and they do a great job boosting cell signals in areas where there is weak signal.  The one thing that is required for all cell phone boosters is installation.
  • Vehicle Installation is quite simple and usually done by the consumer or sometimes by a professional installer.
  • Large buildings are more complicated and usually installed by professionals.  Large buildings usually have multiple antennas and special coax cable needs.
  • Homes are much simpler than large buildings, but still require coax cable to be run from the antennas to the booster.  This can be a difficult for some home owners or residents of apartments, condos, etc.

The weBoost EQO Makes Things Simpler

Wilson Electronics addressed the installation problem for homeowners, and residents of apartments and condos with the weBoost EQO (473120).  The weBoost EQO is not for everyone, but if your requirements fit with in the operating and performance specifications of the EQO, you are in luck.
The weBoost EQO only has three (3) main components, two less than a conventional cell phone booster system.
  1. Window Mount Booster combines the rooftop donner antenna and the cell phone signal booster into a single unit eliminating the need to mount a rooftop antenna.  This also eliminates the need to run a coax cable from the donner antenna to the cell phone booster.  Much easier, but you need to read the rest.
  2. Coax Cable is run from the window mount weBoost EQO to the interior antenna.  This is a 20' length of RG174 (very thin) which is easy to conceal and tuck under objects.
  3. Interior Antenna that does not need to be mounted.  The weBoost EQO interior broadcast antenna is designed to sit on a table or shelf in the room that needs a better signal.  It's a nice looking antenna that does not look like an antenna.  I am impressed by the design.
Overall, the weBoost EQO can be setup in minutes.  It is very easy and quick to plug together and get it going, but there is more important information that you need to understand.  Keep reading.

Is the weBoost EQO Right For Me?

Now comes the big question...Is the weBoost EQO going to work for you with your signal problem?  First of all you need to think hard about what you expect a signal booster to do for you and how much coverage you need.  Notice the word "need" in the previous sentence.  We all want everything perfect, but what do you really need the cell phone signal booster to do for you.
The weBoost EQO is a $350 piece of equipment.  Let's keep this in mind.  It is an entry level priced cell phone booster that is quick and easy to install in a home, apartment, condo environment.  Entry level does not mean cheap.  The EQO is a high quality product with performance set to meet specific specifications and coverage.  You need to have realistic expectations on what the EQO will do.  There are many resellers and dealers that make big promises to get a sale.
The weBoost EQO will do the following:
  1. It will use cell signal collected at a window or other interior location so you will need some signal at the window.  You can attach an external donner antenna to the EQO, but then you are back to a conventional cell signal booster and you should probably look at the weBoost Home 4G (470101) and weBoost Connect 4G (470103) for home use.
  2. The coax cable length is 20'.  This means that you interior antenna is going to be in the vicinity of the booster in the window and most likely in the same room.  Stringing coax across a 3,000 sf home is not an option.
  3. The power (gain) of the weBoost EQO is designed to help the cell signal strength and quality in a work area or small room.  You will not be filling an entire home with 5 bars of signal.  The system is not designed for an entire home.

If the above describes your environment and expectations, then the weBoost EQO is for you.  If you are not sure of what you have or what to do, then give us a call at 866-912-3444 and let us help you solve your problem.  There are solutions, you just need to know which one is best for you.