Hotel and hospitality commercial DAS solutions for better cell signal and 4G data Hotel and hospitality commercial DAS solutions for better cell signal and 4G data
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Cellular DAS Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

The Problem

Hotel guests can be very insistent: From a favorite brand of imported sparkling water to a hot breakfast delivered at precisely 6:12 AM, you dedicate yourself to meeting their every want and whim. But if the data and voice signal in your establishment is anything less than exceptional, your best efforts may well be undermined. Guests have been known to switch brands if their access to email, voice mail, or critical data on their smartphones and tablets is compromised.

Today, it's no longer an option, it's an expectation that cellular service is available everywhere in your buildings, around the clock.

Your building is constructed primarily of concrete and steel materials that block incoming and outgoing cellular signals. This results in weak or spotty service, even if a cell tower stands adjacent to your hotel property. And you're not alone: Hotels and resorts—large and small, throughout North America and around the world—have encountered the same issues.

The Powerful Signal Solution

With a Powerful Signal cell phone distributed antenna system (DAS), designed to your building's unique specifications, you will be able to provide 5-star cellular service to all your guests, allowing them to stream data and send and receive phone calls and text messages reliably and consistently.

Simple and cost effective, yet modular and scalable to your property's size and architecture, we will design a system that provides the strongest possible 4G LTE data and voice signal in every room on every floor, including conference and meeting rooms, parking structures, and floors below ground level.

The Strongest Cellular Reception for Your Guests

We custom design your cell phone amplification system using non-proprietary, FCC-certified components. A Powerful Signal solution will be specifically designed to your building's exact requirements, with the right components, in the right timeline, at the right price. You'll have clear, strong data and voice signal, wherever, whenever in your hotel.

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Get the right 4G cellular solution, designed specifically for your building.

Our Projects: Hotel and Hospitality Systems

Here is a just a sample of the projects Powerful Signal has completed for hotel environments.

Projects vary by size and complexity; some cover the entire building, a single floor, or just a specific problem area.

Powerful Signal respects the privacy of our large corporate customers and does not publish their names.

Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada (40,000 ft²)

A major resort hotel in Reno, Nevada, has four fine dining establishments, a buffet, a café, a wine bar, and a lounge in their "Restaurant Row." They wanted to roll out an SMS / text-based notification system for patrons waiting for open tables, but cellular service was nonexistent inside the first floor of the hotel's main tower. Powerful Signal recommended a passive DAS system that covered approximately 40,000 square feet of indoor floor space and solved the hotel's inside cell signal problem. The I.T. staff at the hotel have been so impressed and pleased with the results that they've ordered and installed seven additional systems for other parts of the hotel, and are planning to acquire four more.

Luxury hotel in Denver, Colorado (90,000 ft²)

A boutique hotel in Denver, with an art gallery on the bottom floor, had poor cellular reception throughout their facility due to the building materials used during construction. Powerful Signal designed a DAS cellular amplification system that covered all rooms on all floors of the hotel, nearly 90,000 square feet.

Budget chain hotel in northern Oklahoma (37,800 ft²)

A chain hotel in a small town in northern Oklahoma needed to improve the cell signal on all three floors and in all guest rooms, common areas, and back-office rooms. Powerful Signal designed an affordable system that provided usable signal throughout their hotel.

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