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Demanding Guests Expect the Best

Guests can be very insistent.  From a favorite brand of imported sparkling water to a hot breakfast delivered at precisely 6:12 AM, you dedicate yourself to their every whim.  And so you should if you want to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty you can.  But if the data and voice signal you provide is anything less than stellar, even occasionally, your best efforts may well be undermined.  Guests have been known to switch brands if access to emails or voice mails or other critical data on their smartphones and tablets is compromised.  Today it's no longer just a demand, it's an expectation that cellular service is fully functional and available anywhere in your facility twenty-five hours a day, eight days a week.
But There's a Problem...
Your building.  It's constructed primarily of concrete and steel materials that break down and block incoming and outgoing cellular signals.  Weak and/or spotty service is the result even if a cell tower stands adjacent to your property,  And you're not alone.  Hotels and resorts, large and small, throughout North America and around the world have encountered the same issues and have enlisted our help in resolving them.
... and the Solution
With a Powerful Signal Business Solutions' cell phone booster distributed antenna system (DAS) designed to your building's unique specifications, you will be able to provide 5-star cellular service to all your guests, allowing them to stream data, send and receive phone calls and text messages reliably, consistently and without complaint.

We Give You Our Best

Simple and cost effective yet modular and scalable to your property's size and architecture, we will design a system that provides the strongest possible 4G LTE data and voice signal in every room on every floor, including conference and meeting rooms, and those below ground.

It's the System that Matters

We custom design your cell phone booster system not the equipment.  Using non-proprietary FCC-certified components saves you money and time.  A Powerful Signal Business Solutions' system exclusively designed to your building's exact requirements with the right components in the right timeline at the right price is exactly what you need.  Like the guest in 806 trying to get his shoes shined at two in the morning.  Clear, strong data and voice signal, wherever, whenever in your hotel.
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