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Hospitality Hotel Cellular Solutions

Hotels, motels, conference centers, and meeting rooms sometimes share a common enemy to the modern-day business man...a weak cell signal.  Long past are the days of banks of payphones and long distance calling cards.  The smartphone and PC with cellular aircard are the center of the businessman's universe and when they do not work you may never see that customer again.  Solid voice and data communications are a requirement not a luxury. 
There are cellular solutions to bring a strong cell signal to the inner caverns of a hotel or conference center.  Cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS) can effectively be implemented within your property with a cost effective budget.
Let Powerful Signal show you how to improve cell signal strength and coverage within your property.  Don't let weak cell signal drive your customers away.

Hotels and other similar structures are nortorious for weak cell signals due to construction materials, size of structure, sound proofing, and number different rooms involved.  Interior spaces can be plagued with poor voice and data communications.
Business travelers and vacation guests expect their voice and data demands to be met throughout the property, including lobby, guest room, conference center, and even hallways.
Provide your guests the best possible cell signal within your property and don't loose business because your customers cannot conduct business in your hotel.
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