Healthcare Cell Phone Booster Solutions

Stronger 4G data for healthcare applications and professionals

Hospitals and Regional Medical Centers

How Important is Cell Signal Strength?

Life and death decisions are made every hour of every day in the corridors, conference rooms, offices and patient suites of large medical centers.  Smartphone and tablets generate critical data streams, voice, text and email messaging to support those decisions and updates in real-time that are especially important to patients and their families.  A strong, consistently reliable cellular signal has never been more essential to the provision of high quality care and treatment than it is today.

Your Building's the Cause

Hospitals and medical centers, large and small, newer as well as older, are constructed of concrete materials and steel beams that inhibit and block the passage of cellular signals through their walls.  Regardless whether the cell tower stands right next door, or if your device has the latest 4G LTE iteration, in those types of buildings, weak or spotty service is more the norm than the exception.

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

A properly conceived and designed cell phone booster distributed antenna system (DAS) from Powerful Signal Business Solutions will ensure that vital communication link between caregivers and their patients and families remains strong and fully operative day and night.  Many hospitals and medical treatment centers around the country have already experienced the difference our systems can make in their critical functions.  With enough other worries in the healthcare industry, we will help you eliminate the complication of dropped calls, lost or delayed information, and unintelligible messages.

Unlike hospital gowns, one size does NOT fit all

Scalable to any size and modular in basic design, our cell phone booster systems ensure data and voice streams continually throughout the building, even below ground.  If one floor or wing of the building is a particular concern, we can start there.  At Powerful Signal Business Solutions, we take the time to understand the full scope of the problem then configure a system using the best non-proprietary FCC-certified components available to fit the specifics of each situation.  With our considerable experience and know-how you can be confident you'll get the right system detailed to the exact requirements of your building and delivered within your demanding schedule and budget.
Clear, strong data and voice, whenever, wherever.  That's Powerful Signal Business Solutions.

Projects - Hospitals and Regional Medical Facilities

Powerful Signal Business Solutions has designed many hospital and regional medical facility cellular repeater systems.  Below is a partial list of projects Powerful Signal has completed for this type of environment.  We respect the privacy of our customers and do not publish their names.
Clinical Research Center - 120,000 sf
This clinical research center in Ohio completed their 3 building rollout of a 3G/4G system on time and budget.  Two other buildings were scheduled and rolled out in later months.  Powerful Signal's scalable and modularized systems allowed this organization to implement their complete cellular system product over a period od time determined by their project team.
The third building was 4 floors covering approximately 120,000 square feet.  Both 3G and 4G communications in this area were improved to provide a strong reliable signal for doctors, staff, and patients.
Large Medical Company Corp Headquarters - 77,200 sf
The corporate headquarters of a division of a global company needed 3G and 4G for both voice and data improved on a 77,200 square foot floor.  This location in California implemented a 5 band system designed by Powerful Signal and implemented by a local contractor of their choice.
Regional Medical Center - 135,000 sf
A regional medical center in Idaho needed to improve voice and data signals in their OR and recovery areas.  As the project progressed, additional areas were added including the NICU.  All carriers and frequencies were designed into the system to cover 2G, 3G, and 4G services.
Clinical Research Center - 60,000 sf
This customer originally implemented a multi-floor system and returned to Powerful Signal for an additional multi-floor building system for another testing facility.  This new system addressed two floors where doctors, staff, and patients could not make or receive calls.  A 5-band system was designed and implemented to address all frequencies and carriers for 2G, 3G, and 4G communications.
Primary Care Center - 86,700 sf
A multi-floor primary care center in Alaska needed to improve 3G and 4G LTE for AT&T.  Both staff and patients could not use their cell phones or tablets inside the facility due to dense materials used in the construction of the building.  A 5-band system was designed by Powerful Signal Business Solutions to address all current frequencies for voice and 4G LTE data for AT&T and other carriers.  A local contractor implemented the system under the direction of Powerful Signal.
Clinical Research Center - 135,750 sf
A clinical research facility in Ohio needed to improve voice and data communications in a newer multi-story medical office and testing facility.  Doctors, staff, and patients had no voice or data communications inside the building due to modern construction materials.  A 5-band (Cellular, PCS, AT&T LTE, Verizon LTE, and AWS) system was designed by Powerful Signal and implemented by a local contractor.  Strong voice and data signals were brought into 4 floors of the building and solved the cellular communications problems for the research center.
Family Health Center - 70,000 sf
A large family health center in Texas needed cell signal improvement.  A multi-zone cellular booster system was designed and implemented on 2 floors covering around 70,000 square feet.
General Surgery Facility - 40,100 sf  (Two Buildings, two critical areas)
A general surgery facility in Ohio required cell signal improvement in two different buildings in tow different areas.  One cellular booster system was designed and installed in a conference room and office area.  Another system was implemented in the surgery area of another building.  This is a good example of installing systems in specific critical areas for maximum performance.  The surgery area was 25,100 square feet and the conference and office areas were near 20,000 square feet.
Medical Center - 25,000 sf
A system was designed and implemented in a medical center in West Virginia.  This system was for a single floor covering 25,000 square feet.
General Surgery Facility - 7,400 sf (basement)
Two sections of a basement in the main facility needed  better 3G data and cellular voice performance.  A dual-band 800/1900 (Cellular, PCS) system was implemented in about 7,400 square feet.  Later in the year, this customer implemented additional coverage for other areas of their surgery facility in Ohio.