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Cellular Solutions for Federal, State, and City Government

Uncle Sam Wants Us...

Local, county, state and federal government agencies and departments have upgraded their on-site cellular voice and data service to fail-safe levels with distributed antenna systems (DAS) from Powerful Signal Business Solutions.  The FBI, FEMA, Army, Air Force, Navy, state capitals, municipal council chambers, NASA, the National Park Service, Homeland Security, Department of Energy, among many others, have each benefited from major improvement in critical data and voice service in settings as diverse as bunkers and hangars to barracks and archive vaults to ships and other remote installations.

...Because We Know The Problem...

Concrete and steel--construction materials in widespread use--block and deaden cellular signals as they make their way in and out of buildings, resulting in weak and sometimes non-existent signal strength.  Today as we've all become more reliant on our smart phones and tablets to send and receive important communications, dropped call, lost or delayed emails, garbled data and voice messages are more than just a nuisance.  And at key government installation, the concern is substantially greater, as the monitoring and transference of data is often vital to national security.

...And We Can Fix It

The solution lies in a properly designed and implemented cell phone booster DAS from Powerful Signal Business Solutions.  We fully analyze each unique situation then devise a scalable and modular solution to address the specific layout and configuration of the buildings involved, large and small.  Our considerable experience provides us with the knowhow to design the right system that will deliver the right results.  We utilize non-proprietary FCC-certified components to achieve the strongest possible 4G LTE data and voice signal at the best possible cost in each situation.  It's an enterprise system that allows a high degree of flexibility to address individual problem areas within any location, above or below ground.
Clear, strong data and voice, wherever, whenever.  That's Powerful Signal Business Solutions.
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Below are a few of the National, State, County and City agencies that Powerful Signal has provided cellular systems to:

  • Army
  • Airforce
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Coast Guard
  • Merchant Marines
  • Army Corp of Engineers
  • FBI
  • FEMA
  • Boarder Patrol
  • Homeland Security
  • Hotshot Fire Crews
  • State Capitals
  • State Highway Patrol
  • State Dept of Trans. (DOT)
  • County Sheriff
  • City Police
  • City Fire, Ambulance, Rescue
  • National Park Service
  • National Forest Service
  • NOAA
  • FAA
  • FCC
  • DOE
  • CDC