DAS System Design

DAS System Design

We design to your specific needs and building specifications

Powerful Signal designs custom cellular amplification solutions for buildings of all types and sizes. We will expertly design every detail of your system, using your floor plans and the information you provide us about your building. Once you've accepted our design proposal, our professional installers will implement the finished design solution quickly and accurately.

Getting to know your building

To design the right passive DAS (distributed antenna system) solution for your building, we'll ask you for:

  • The cell signal strength outside your building. (We'll walk you through how to determine this.)
  • A copy of your building's floor plans in PDF, PNG, or some other electronic format.
  • Information about your building's design (ceiling type, trunk access, firewalls, existing WiFi and other antennas, etc.).

What your design package will include

Powerful Signal's design engineers will prepare a document package that includes everything a professional installer needs to set up your passive DAS solution. We guarantee that the installer will understand your building and our design solution, and that he or she has all the information needed for an on-time, successful installation.

Taking the time to do it right

We don't take shortcuts when we design or implement a cellular passive DAS system—cutting corners almost always leads to costly mistakes and delays. We will make sure your solution is designed right so that installation will proceed smoothly and the system will work when it's switched on.

We also fix other companies' mistakes. If you have a passive DAS cell phone signal booster system that's not working, give us a call: We'll be happy to determine any design flaws and have our professional installer come out and do the job right.

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