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One thing that Powerful Signal focuses on is quality customer service. We have an independent company collect ratings of Powerful Signal. Click Here to view what our customers say about us.
Powerful Signal is your source for cellular amplification equipment and systems.  On the job, at home, or on the go, the products we offer together with our extensive knowledge will significantly improve your cellular phone service.
With considerable experience in the cellular amplification industry and a demonstrated track record with Fortune 500 companies, universities, medical centers, military and government agencies, and thousands of satisfied homeowners and business people around the world, we're uniquely qualified to help you.
Contact us and you'll talk to a real person who will take the time to understand the specifics of your problem and has the expertise to design the right solution.  And we won't just process your order, we'll pick it, pack it and ship it from our in-house inventory, usually the same day.
We stand behind our products offering full service warranty, return and replacement, and installation support.  Live personal assistance is never more than a phone call away.
Working exclusively with manufacturers we know provide the highest quality, most reliable and innovative FCC certified products on the market today ensures your complete satisfaction.  And our reputation.
We are Powerful Signal.  People you can count on to understand and resolve cellular signal problems.

Powerful Signal name and logo are registered trademarks of Powerful Signal, LLC and can only be used with written permission by Powerful Signal.


Our Expertise

We are a full-service company, and our full-time staff has years of expertise with cellular amplification equipment.  Many of us have worked for the manufacturers, and we maintain strong contact with these manufacturers.  Our staff knows and understands the cellular amplification industry.  We have experience with the products we sell and can assist you in making the best possible decision to solve your cell signal problem.
Sales Department
Our sales department will help you select the right solution to solve your problem.  We have a full range of price and performance options and multiple manufacturers from which to select products.
Product Support
We are with you from product selection to final installation.  Our product support staff is available to answer your questions and to give guidance during the installation. 

Our Products

Powerful Signal carries a variety of cellular amplification products and supporting components from key manufacturers with excellent warranties.  Many manufacturers ask us to sell their products, but we only carry products we are confident will perform.
Full Inventory
We stock what we sell.  Powerful Signal has its own warehouse and shipping department.  We stock all components such as amplifiers, coax, connectors, etc.  Under rare and special conditions, we have a component directly shipped from the manufacturer.

Our Customers

Over the years, Powerful Signal has aquired a customer base consisting of some of the largest corporations in the country.  Government agencies such as the FBI, NASA, and many others have trusted their projects and cellular communication needs to Powerful Signal.  We protect the privacy and do not publish a list the corporations we have worked with, but below is an overview.
  • Large Corporations
  • Small Companies
  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Office Buildings - Single and Multi-floor
  • Military - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines
  • Army Corp of Engineers, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines
  • Hospitals and many types of healthcare facilities
  • Schools - Colleges, High Schools, Grade Schools
  • Government - City, County, State, and Federal agencies
  • Many, many Federal Governmant agencies
  • Utility Companies - Power plants, dams, drilling platforms
  • Field Service Fleets
  • Boats, Yachts, Commercial Vessels, Military Vessels
  • Homes, Cabins, RVs

Fast Shipping

Since we stock our own inventory and have our own shipping department, we are able to ship your product quickly.  Most of the time, product ordered before 2:00pm (MST) is shipped the same day.  Our official policy is to have regular product shipped the day after it is ordered.  Exceptions to this are large, custom designed and special order systems.


Powerful Signal takes the following major credit cards.

We Ship Almost Everywhere

Below is a map that shows where Powerful Signal has shipped systems to in recent months.  We shipped over 12,000 orders to all parts of the US, Canada and other parts of the world.  Zoom into your town.  Chances are that someone near you has done business with Powerful Signal.  Give us a call and let us help you with your cell phone signal problems.