WilsonPro 463127 Pro 70 Plus Emergency Cellular Communications Unit (ECCU): Open Kit

WilsonPro 463127 Pro 70 Plus Emergency Cellular Communications Unit (ECCU)

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  • Most powerful portable kit • 8–10 hour battery pack included
  • High user load—supports more users
  • For temporary base camps, operations centers, and mission-critical sites.
  • Waterproof, airtight, dustproof, high-impact Pelican Protector Case™.
  • Commercial-grade components
  • Boost both voice and 4G data
  • Works with all major cellular carriers


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Product Description

WilsonPro 463127 Pro 70 PLUS Emergency Cellular Communications Unit (ECCU)


  • Designed to be deployed in remote areas to provide cellular communications at base camps and logistical support centers.
  • Boosts cell signal in areas with weak or spotty cell signal coverage.
  • Run even without access to AC power: Includes a 240-watt lithium ion battery that will run the system for 8 to 10 hours.
  • Everything you need in one watertight, high-impact, portable Pelican Protector Case™.
  • Unload and set up in minutes, using your generator or other 110V-compatible power source and your communications tower or other mount.
  • Carrier agnostic: Works with all major U.S. and Canadian carriers.
  • Boosts 4G LTE and 3G service for voice, text, and data.

  • Includes commercial-grade antennas and coax cables.

The ECCU amplifies and broadcasts cell signal in a specific area, providing a cellular voice and data hotspot for multiple individuals at a temporary base of operations.

At the heart of the ECCU kit is the Wilson Pro 70 PLUS cell signal amplifier, the commercial-grade system installed in thousands of office buildings and government facilities worldwide. The power of the Wilson Pro 70 PLUS is now available in a portable kit that can be set up in minutes at your temporary base camp or operations center. The ECCU improves both voice and data to reduce dropped calls and missed emails and texts, keeping your on-site employees, contractors, technicians, and administrators connected with a stronger cell signal.

The entire ECCU system is in a single watertight, airtight, dustproof, high-impact Pelican™ 1630 polypropylene case (32 in. × 18 in. × 25 in.). The Pelican case has rubber-coated handles on three sides, and a telescoping handle with roller wheels for easy loading, unloading, and transport.

Who is this for?

  • Forest fire/wildfire base camps.
  • Search and rescue coordination.
  • Disaster relief operations centers.
  • Crash and accident investigators working on-scene.
  • First responder communications trailers.
  • Temporary military, fire, forest service, or other training camps.
  • Remote camp sites for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, churches, and other community organizations.
  • Other scenarios where you need improved cellular communication in a temporary location.

How it works

Using Wilson Electronics' patented SmarTech III® technology, the ECCU with the Wilson Pro 70 PLUS receives the cell signal from a distant tower, amplifies it, and rebroadcasts it to your operations or base camp site.

It can be deployed outdoors or indoors, in remote forests, hangars, and warehouses.

(Please note: The ECCU is effective in remote areas with weak outside cell signal; it will not work in areas where there is no cell signal. It uses cellular networks, not satellite technology.)

Works with all major cellular carriers

The ECCU with the Wilson Pro 70 PLUS works with all major wireless carriers in the U.S. and Canada.

  • U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and most others.
  • Canadian carriers, including Rogers, Bell Canada, Telus, Wind, and most others.


The ECCU is easy to unpack and can be set up in a few minutes (see the More Information tab for details):

  • Mount the "outside" antenna on your pole or tower; point it toward the cell phone tower.
  • Attach a run of coax cable to the "outside" antenna and to the Wilson Pro 70 PLUS cell phone signal booster.
  • Mount the "inside" antenna on your pole or tower; point it toward the area where you want improved cellular reception.
  • Attach a run of coax cable to the Wilson Pro 70 PLUS and to the "inside" antenna.
  • Plug the booster's AC adapter into a 110-volt energy source (generator, heavy-duty battery unit, etc.).
  • The booster will begin working immediately and automatically. You can now use improved cell signal within the broadcast area of the inside antenna.

Package includes

This is a complete kit, with everything you need to start getting the best signal at your base camp or remote operations center:

  • 1 × Wilson Pro 70 PLUS 463127 cell phone signal booster.
  • 1 × 110-volt AC power supply.
  • 1 × Sierra Wave Solar Link 240 lithium-ion power pack with padded carrying case and accessories.
  • 2 × outdoor pole-mount directional LPDA antennas (pole-mount hardware included).
  • 1 × outdoor pole-mount omnidirectional antenna (pole-mount hardware included).
  • 1 × 50' 400 coax cable.
  • 1 × 30' 400 coax cable.
  • 2 × 20' 400 coax cable.
  • 4 × N-female to N-female barrel connectors.
  • 1 × Pelican™ 1630 high-impact polypropylene case (32"×18"×25") with foam insert.
  • ECCU setup & instruction manual.
  • Wilson Pro 70 PLUS 463127 install guide.

How does the ECCU cell phone signal booster system work?

ECCU system is made up of four major components:

  1. Cell phone signal booster and power supply.
  2. Outside pole-mount directional or omnidirectional antenna.
  3. Inside pole-mount directional antenna.
  4. Coax cable and connectors that connect the antennas to the booster.
Wilson Pro Emergency Cellular Communication Unit set up with fiberglass pole (pole not included)
Wilson Pro Emergency Cellular Communication Unit set up with fiberglass pole (pole not included)

Cell phone signal booster and power supply

The cell phone signal booster—sometimes called an amplifier—is the core component of the system.

The booster is bi-directional: It amplifies both the signal your phone receives from the tower and the signal your phone sends to the tower. A weak cell signal is received by the outside antenna and amplified by the booster; the strengthened signal is then rebroadcasted by the inside antenna to your phone. The amplifier also boosts the connection back to the cell tower.

A high-quality Wilson Pro booster from Wilson Electronics has very high receiver sensitivity, meaning it can process a weaker cell signal than your phone by itself. There still has to be some cell signal for the booster to amplify, though (it cannot "multiply zero").

The booster in the ECCU kit may be mounted for use on the inside of the lid of the Pelican Protector Case™, using the included 3M Dual Lock™ heavy-duty velcro-style adhesive. It may also be mounted in any other location of your choice. It should be stowed in the foam insert inside the case for transport.

The location you choose for the booster needs to have a 110-volt AC outlet or extension within 6 feet for the booster's power supply or the booster can be plugged into the Solar Link 240 power pack (included).

Outside pole-mount directional or omnidirectional antenna

The outside antenna communicates with cell tower. This kit includes two outside antennas for setup in different signal conditions:

  • You have line of sight to a cell phone tower: The directional LPDA (log-periodic dipole array) antenna collects and broadcasts signal in a V-shaped beam area in front of it. It needs to be pointed at the nearest cell tower, as directly as possible.
  • You don't have line of sight to a cell phone tower: The omnidirectional antenna collects and broadcasts signal in a 360-degree circle around it. It's the best option when you're located behind a hill, down in a canyon, or in any other location where you can't see the tower.

Both antennas should be mounted high enough to clear any obstacles and metal objects. Your on-site communications tower is an excellent mounting option; they can also be attached to a tripod or other vertical pole with a diameter of 1½–2 inches.

If your base camp or temporary operations center is inside a building, the antenna should be mounted outside using the coax cable included with this kit (about which see below).

Inside pole-mount directional antenna

The inside antenna communicates with cellular phones and devices at your site. It is also a directional LPDA antenna, broadcasting its amplified signal in a V-shaped beam. Any cellular device within the beam will receive the improved signal (and devices to the side and behind the antenna will not).

The inside antenna also needs to be mounted on a pole or tripod, pointing away from the outside antenna. If the outside and inside antennas are pointed toward each other, they will conflict (a condition known as oscillation), and this will cause the amplifier to shut itself off.

Coax cable

Coax cable connects the outside and inside antennas to the cell phone signal booster. The Wilson Pro 70 PLUS system uses 400 low-loss coax cable, terminated with N-male connectors.

The ECCU kit includes four runs of 400 coax (one 50-foot, one 30-foot, and two 20-foot), along with four N-female barrel connectors. You can connect the cables in any configuration you need to reach from the booster to the outside and inside antennas. Always use the least amount of cable needed to connect the system, as additional cable does involve some signal loss.

FCC Notice

For information on federal rules governing the use of consumer cell signal boosters, please see our FCC notice page.

Product Specifications

Outside Antenna:
Directional LPDA (×2)
Inside Antenna:
Directional LPDA (×1)
Cable Type:
Connector Type:
50 Ω
+70 dB max
Booster Case Material:
Signal Readout:
LCD display with output signal in dBM

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our WilsonPro warranty information page.

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