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Wilson DB Pro Home Booster 841262 / 841263

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Wilson 841262 DB Pro SignalBoost
Wilson 841262 DB Pro SignalBoostWilson 841263 DB Pro 62dB cell phone boosterWilson 301201 Omni-Directional AntennaWilson 304475 Directional AntennaWilson 801262 Top View
Price: $369.95
Discontinued Product
Item Number: 841262
Connector: F-Female
Gain: 65dB
Application: Cellular/PCS
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
NOTE:  The Wilson 841262 and 841263 have been discontinued
View the new 462105 and 462205 replacements.

Product Description

The Wilson 841262/841263 SignalBoost DB Pro home cell signal booster kit improves the performance of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile 2G/3G GSM, CDMA, TDMA cellular devices using 800/1900MHz frequencies.  This is a complete low cost kit that includes the Wilson 801262 dual-band 65dB (upgraded June 2011) cellular amplifier, outside antenna, inside antenna and 3 lengths of white RG6 coax. This is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget.
The Wilson DB Pro kit is specifically designed to create a stronger cell signal in one or more rooms in a house or small office.  Broadcast distance for this kit and any other cellular amplifier is dependent upon cell signal strength outside the building where the outside antenna is mounted, the size (gain of the amplifier) and the frequency your carrier uses.  800MHz broadcasts much further than 1900MHz.
The Wilson DB Pro is an excellent entry level signal booster for a small home or business.  It uses RG6 coax cable which is the same type of coax used in satellite and cable TV installations.  RG6 coax has more loss than 50 ohm 400 coax used in more expensive kits, but it will work fine in short coax cable runs in smaller homes.  There are two adjustment knobs, one for Cellular 800MHz and the other for PCS 1900MHz frequencies.  The case is plastic with the ability to be mounted on a wall or just set on a flat surface.
Contact Powerful Signal if you have any questions regarding the coverage distance of this system. 
Setup diagram of the Wilson 841262 DB Pro Kit

Other Cell Phone Booster Systems that my fit your needs

Need more power? Try the Wilson 801265 AG Pro (70dB gain) or the Wilson 801280 AG Pro (75dB gain)
Wilson 841262 DB Pro Booster
Wilson 841262 DB Pro
65dB Gain (1-2 Rooms)
Wilson 801265 AG Pro 70
70dB Gain (Small Home/Office)
Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75
75dB Gain (Larger Home/Office)


Wilson 801262 DB Pro

Wilson has added adjustable gain control to the 801262 DB Pro amplifier and made it 62/65dB.  Now you can individually control the gain for both 800MHz and 1900MHz.  Indicator lights will warn of various error conditions that may be encounter during installation.  The amplifier casing is plastic.
Wilson 801262 DB Pro amplifier 

Outside Antenna Option

The only difference between the Wilson 841262 and the Wilson 841263 kits is the outside antenna; everything else is the same.
  • Wilson 841262 - Uses an Omni-Directional antenna
  • Wilson 841263 - Uses a Directional antenna
Select the Omni-Directional antenna if you are in mountainous, heavily forested, rugged environment.  The Omni-Directional catches signal from 360 degrees and works well when there is a lot of signal bounce from forest, rocks, mountains, etc.
Select the Directional antenna if you have a decent line-of-sight to the tower.  You don't have to be able to see the tower, but there should not be any mountains or large hills in the way.
Remember, if you use a Directional antenna, you will only pick up towers in the direction the outside antenna is pointed.  If you use an Omni-Directional antenna, you are collecting signal from all directions.
Wilson 301201 Omni Directional Antenna
Omni-Directional Antenna
  Wilson 301475 Directional Antenna
Directional Antenna

Inside Antenna

Both kits have the same interior antenna: a directional panel antenna.  This antenna is designed to be mounted on the wall or layed flat on the ceiling in the attic pointing downwards.  It should not point towards the outside antenna or directly at the cellular amplifier.  This may cause oscillation.
The antenna has about an 85 degree horizontal beam and about a 45 degree vertical beam.
Directional Panel Antenna
Wall Panel 

RG6 Coax

Both kits come with 3 lengths of white RG6 75 ohm coax.  This is the same type of coax used for cable TV.
  1. 20' White RG6 Coax
  2. 30' White RG6 Coax
  3. 50' White RG6 Coax
Remember that coax has loss.  Only use what you need, and don't coil any excess coax.  The more coax you use, the weaker the interior broadcast will be.
Wilson 841262 dB Pro Box
Wilson 841262 dB Pro Box

Kit Components

  1. Wilson 801262 DB Pro amplifier
  2. Wilson 301135 wall panel antenna
  3. Wilson 301201 Omni or Wilson 304475 Directional Antenna
  4. 20', 30', 50' white RG6 coax
  5. Mounting hardware
  6. Intallation Guide
  Wilson 841263 DB Pro Home Cell Phone Booster Kit
Wilson 841263 DB Pro with directional antenna shown above

View Wilson 841262 841263 Installation Guide