Wilson 859970 Accessory Kit

Wilson 859970 Accessory Kit

Home/Office Accessory Kit for Wilson Sleeks and MobilePro. Includes wall plug power supply, desktop mount, antenna window mount, and soft carry case.
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Product Description

Boost the voice and data signal of your iPhone, Droidx, Blackberry, etc. right at your desk with the Wilson 859970 Home / Office Accessory Kit and the Wilson 815226 Sleek cell signal booster.  Note: The Wilson Sleek booster is sold separately and not included with 859970 accessory kit.
The Wilson 859970 Home / Office accessory kit contains components that enable you to use your Wilson Sleek or MobilePro in your home or office.  The Wilson Sleek easily attaches to the adjustable cradle mount, which is designed to sit on your desk.  A suction cup window mount is supplied to allow your magnet mount antenna to be placed on the inside of your home or office window.  A wall plug power supply is provided to plug your Wilson Sleek into AC 110v power.  The travel case holds all the accessories for easy storage in your briefcase or travel bag.

Sample Setup

The images to the right show the adjustable stand with the Wilson 815226 Sleek booster cradle (Blackberry in cradle).  The Wilson Sleek is mounted on the adjustable stand provided with the Wilson 859970 Home / Office Accessory Kit.  The Sleek antenna is mounted on a nearby window with the suction cup mount.  The accesory kit has a wall plug power supply that will plug into the Sleek booster.  Now you can keep the data and calls coming almost anywhere.
  Wilson 859970 kit shown with Droidx
Shown with Sleek & Blackberry 
  Wilson 859970 Mount shown with Droidx
Shown with Mobile Pro 

Kit Contents

  1. Adjustable Desktop Mount
  2. Window Mount Bracket
  3. AC Wall Plug Power Supply
  4. Carry Case
  Wilson 859970 Kit Contents