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4G Booster Wilson 805165 4G-V Tri-Band System for Verizon

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Wilson 805165 Tri-Band Signal Booster Kit
Wilson 805165 Tri-Band Signal Booster KitWilson 805165 4G-V Tri-Band Signal BoosterTop Signal Wide Band AntennaTop Signal Wide Band Dome AntennaTop Signal 450001 Lightning Surge Protector
Price: $799.95
Discontinued Product
Item Number: 805165A
Connector: N-Female
Gain: 70dB
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year
NOTE:  Wilson Electronics has discontinued this product.  Click Here to view the Verizon Tri-band from Cellphone-Mate.

Tri-Band 4G-Verizon Cell Signal Booster

Now there is a single cell signal booster that can boost both voice and 4G data. The new Wilson 805165 Tri-Band is a 70dB gain signal booster specifically designed to improve 2G, 3G, and Verizon 4G signals in residential homes and small offices.
Powerful Signal has put together a complete system using the Wilson 805165 Tri-Band signal booster and commercial grade antenna and coax cable components.  Powerful Signal adds extra critical components that others do not offer.  We include a universal J-Pipe mount for the rooftop antenna and most importantly, a lightning surge protector to help protect your investment from static and lightning.

Features and Benefits

  • Boosts Verizon 4G cellular signals as well as other carriers on 2G & 3G on 800MHz and 1900MHz frequencies
  • Boosts both voice and data communications
  • Provides a strong, reliable signal inside a building
  • More than 20 times the power of your cell phone alone
  • Extends device battery life
  • Configurable with a variety of antennas
  • Boosts signals for multiple devices simultaneously

Coverage Area

Coverage area is dependent upon many variables.  Many manufacturers and resellers will give you the maximum coverage under ideal conditions, Powerful Signal will not do this.  We want you to have accurate information to make the best decision possible.
Call us with the -dB outside signal readings from your cell phone and we will calculate what this system will do for you.  If you don't know how to get cell signal reading using your cell phone, call Powerful Signal and we will be glad to show you.
4G signal booster coverage area

Included with System

Following are the top quality components included with the Powerful Signal Wilson 805165 4G-V sytstem:
  1. Wilson 805165 Tri-Band 4G-V signal booster
  2. Exterior Top Signal Wide Band Antenna
  3. Interior Top Signal Wide Band Dome Antenna
  4. 1 - 30' 400 coax cable with N-Male Connectors
  5. 1 - 50' 400 coax cable with N-Male Connectors
  6. Universal J-Pipe Mount
  7. Lightning Surge Protectors
Wilson 805165 Tri-Band 4G-V Kit
Powerful Signal Wilson 805165 Tri-Band 4G-V Kit

Wilson 805165 Tri-Band 4G-V (Verizon) Booster

The Wilson 805165 has three bands; (1) Cellular 800Mhz, (2) PCS 1900MHz, and (3) 4G LTE for Verizon.  All three bands are included in a single unit for easy mounting.  Each band can individually be adjusted to accomidate various signal strength environments.  Easy to use adjustment knobs and indicator lights make installation simplier.
NOTE: The 4G LTE component of this cell signal booster is for Verizon 4G LTE only.  Other models address different 4G carriers.  The cellular 800MHz and PCS 1900MHz will boost all US and Canadian CDMA/GSM carriers that use the frequencies.
Wilson 805165 4G-V Tri-Band Signal Booster
Wilson 805165 4G-V Tri-Band Booster

Outside 4G Wide-Band Donor Antenna

Included with this system is a commercial grade Top Signal 4G wide-band donor antenna.  This omni-directional antenna is designed to communicate with cell towers in all directions (360º).  The Top Signal antenna is wide-band allowing it to collect and broadcast all 3 bands (cellular, PCS, 4G) of the Wilson 805165 signal booster. 
Top Signal 4G Wide-Band Donor Antenna
Top Signal Exterior Antenna 

Inside 4G Wide-Band Dome Antenna

Powerful Signal has included one of their best interior dome antennas.  This 4G wide-band antenna handles all frequencies used by the Wilson 805165 signal booster.  This antenna can easily be mounted on a commercial ceiling tile or conventional sheetrock ceiling.
Top Signal Dome Antenna
Top Signal Interior Antenna 

400 Coax Cable

Have the right coax cable is extremely important in cellular booster systems.  Powerful Signal uses a low loss 400 coax in this system.  This is the same coax cable used in our large commercial bulding installations.  The 400 coax is terminated with N-Male connectors so can easily be hand-tightened onto the cell signal amplifier and the antennas.  No tools required.  Two lengths of Top Signal 400 coax cable are included with the system; a 30' and a 50' length.  Additional coax can be purchased if necessary.
Commercial grade low loss 400 coax cable
Top Signal 400 Coax 

Universal J-Pipe Mount

Donor antennas (exterior antenna) need to be mounted.  Powerful Signal includes with this system a universal J-Pipe mount that allows complete flexibility in adjustment.  You can mount the exterior antenna on a vertical or horizontal surface or anything in between.  This allows for a clean professional look for your exterior antenna.
The U-bolts included with the exterior donor antenna are designed to be used with this J-Pipe mount our any other pole/pipe up to 2" in diameter.
A variety of holes and locations in the base of the J-Pipe give you maximum flexibility of how the J-Pipe is mounted.
Top Signal J-Pipe

Top Signal Lightning Surge Protector

Don't forget to protect your new Wilson 805165 Tri-Band from static and lightning.  Powerful Signal includes a lightning surge protector with this kit to help protect your investment.  Static electricity and lightning can easily damage sensitive electronic equipment.
Top Signal TS450001 Lightning Surge Protector
Top Signal Lightning Surge Protector

Specifications - Wilson 805165 4G-V Tri-Band

746-787 MHz / 824-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz
Max Uplink Power 870 mw
Max Downlink Power 25.1 dBm
Gain 70 dB Typical
Noise Figure 4.0 dB Nominal
Flatness ±5 dB
Power Requirements 110-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 20W
Connectors N-Female
8.875 x 6.0 x 1.5 inch
22.5 x 15.2 x 3.8 cm
Weight 2.8 lbs / 1.270 kg