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Wilson 801245 SOHO AG 60 Kits

Pre-configured kits using the Wilson 801245 SOHO cell signal booster

The versatile Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60 wireless cell phone booster has been configured into several kits by Powerful Signal.  The dual-band (800/1900MHz) Wilson SOHO has proven itself as an excellent dual-band room or large workspace amplifier.  Works with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and any other carrier that uses the 800/1900MHz frequencies.
The new Wilson 801245 AG 60 (released in June, 2011) has had adjustable gain added to it and the size has been increased from 50dB to 60dB.  Adjustable gain allows you to adjust the amplifier to better fit the installation environment.  Both 800MHz and 1900Mhz can be individually adjusted to accommadate different antenna separations and antenna configurations.
Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60
Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60 Cell Phone Booster
Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60
The Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60 cell phone booster is an excellent size for one room applications.  This rugged metal-encased cellular amplifier works well with a variety of antennas in various senarios.  The dual-band (800/1900MHz) system improves cell phone signal strength and data throughput on aircards/datacards.
Below are several complete systems that Powerful Signal has configured for different uses.