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Wilson 801201 Wireless Traveler Kit

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Wilson 801201 User Configured Cell Phone Booster Kit
Wilson 801201 User Configured Cell Phone Booster KitWilson 801201 AmplifierWilson 801201 Side ViewWilson 301127 Interior AntennaWilson 801201 Contents
Connector: FME-Male
Gain: 40/45dB
Type: Vehicle
Group: Mobile Kit
Application: Cellular/PCS, Cellular, PCS, 2G/3G
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year

Product Options

NOTE: This product has been discontinued
See the Wilson replacement product Wilson Mobile 3G 460102.
Wilson 801201 Wireless Cell Phone Booster Kit
Powerful Signal's Wilson amplifier custom configured vehicle kit with the antennas you need. You pick the antenna that is right for you and you also get to pick if you want a cradle option.  The mobile Wilson amplifier 45/50 dB gain 801201 dual-band wireless cell signal booster improves the strength and quality of cellular signals for cell phones and data cards.  The Wireless Traveler Kit includes everything you need: Wilson amplifier (801201), choice of outside antenna, cradle option, inside broadcast antenna, and power supply.  Powerful Signal has made it easy to configure your Wilson amplifier 801201 3-Watt amplifier with the antenna you need.

5 different outside antenna options to choose from:

  1. 12" Magnet Mount (car, SUV, or pickup truck)
  2. Low Profile Magnet Mount (car, SUV, or pickup truck)
  3. Trucker & Mount - Wilson Trucker Antenna & 3-way mount (commercial truck)
  4. RV & Mount - Wilson RV Antenna & 3-way mount (Motorcoach, 5th wheel, trailer)
  5. NMO, Mount, Hardwire kit - Permanent professional installation required 

Cradle Option

If you want, add a Wilson 301146 cradle with built-in broadcast antenna with this kit.  This is an excellent option for hands-free phone users.
Diagram of Wireless 801201 Setup

Product Description

For everyday use to boost cell signal strength of your cell phone and/or datacard.  The Wireless Traveler Kit comes with the Wilson 801201 dual-band amplifier that boosts both 800 and 1900MHz frequencies.  All carriers except Nextel/iDEN.  The DC power supply can be used in any vehicle that has a lighter outlet.  The kit can easily be transferred between vehicles, and the magnet mount antenna can easily be attached and removed from the vehicle roof.  Note: The Wilson 301101 Trucker antenna is permanently mounted.
The Wilson 801201 cellular amplifier is cell-site controlled to deliver power when needed: on the road, water or wherever.  Broadcast distance from inside antenna averages from 2' to 3' depending upon outside signal strength.
No physical connection is needed to your cell phone or data card.  The interior low profile thin antenna is designed to be vertically mounted on the driver's or passenger's headrest.  It can also be mounted on the dash, but never mounted on anything metal.

Kit Options

Below are descriptions of the various options offered in the Wireless Traveler Kit.

Kit Contents 

The following is supplied in each Wireless Traveler Kit:
  • Wilson 801201 Amplifier
  • Low-Profile Interior Antenna
  • Vehicle Power Supply
  • Choice of Outside Antenna
  • Optional Cradle with built-in antenna
  • Installation Manual
Wilson 801201 Amp
Interior Antenna, Power Supply, Installation Manual

Magnet Mount Antenna Option

There are two magnet mount options offered with this kit: a 12" and a low profile antenna.  Both antennas have the following:
  • FME-Female connector
  • 10' of RG174 coax
  • Around the 5dB gain range
If you are in flat open country, the 12" is recommended.  The low profile is recommended in mountains, canyons, and hilly country.
Cellphone-Mate CM200 5dB gain Antenna
12" Mag Mount 
Low Profile Mag Mount 

Trucker Antenna Option

The 32" Wilson 301101 Trucker antenna is an option in this kit.  If selected, the Wilson 901104 3-way mount is included.  This option is recommended for large commercial trucks.  Not recommended for cars or pickup trucks.
  1. Wilson 301101 Trucker Antenna
  2. Wilson 901104 3-way mount
  Wilson 301101 Trucker Antenna
Trucker Antenna 
Wilson 901104 3-way Mount 

 RV Antenna Opton

The 21" spring mounted Wilson 301133 RV antenna is an excellent option for RV Motorcoaches, 5th wheels, and trailers.  The Wilson 901104 3-way mount is included with this option.
  1. Wilson 301133 RV Antenna
  2. Wilson 901104 3-way mount
Wilson 301133 RV Antenna 
Wilson 301133 RV 
  Wilson 901104 3-way mount
Wilson 901104 3-way mount

NMO Antenna Option

The Wilson 301104 NMO 5dB gain antenna and Wilson 901102 3/4 inch mount (with 14' RG58 coax) is an option for this kit.  This option is designed for permanent antenna mounting.  Best for use with fleets and other commercial vehicles that require professional mounting.  A hardwire kit is also included with this option so amplifier power can be tied directly to vehicle power.
  1. Wilson 301104 NMO Antenna
  2. Wilson 901102 3/4 inch Mount - 14' RG58 coax
  3. Wlson 859923 hardwire Kit
Wilson 301104 NMO Antenna  Wilson 901102 3/4 inch Mount
Wilson NMO Antenna and 3/4 inch Mount
Wilson Hardwire Kit 

Wilson 301146 Cradle Option

This universal cradle by Wilson Electronics has a built in broadcast antenna.  This cradle would be used in place of the rectangle low-profile interior antenna.
  • Broadcasts about a 2' to 3' radius
  • 10' of RG174 attached to cradle
  • Fully adjustable for any size cell phone
  • Connects directly to Wilson 801201 amp.
  • Mounting hardware included 
Wilson 301146 Cradle 
Cradle Kit Components

View 801201 Installation Guide

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