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"The customer support I received is superior. *** goes out of his way to answer all my questions and stays with me till the end of each project." Ruiz, NY
"Don't hesitate to purchase from powerful signal. Great customer support, simple answers. Great products that do what they are advertised to do and more. Exceeded my expectations. If your a business or just an individual that cannot afford missed or unclear phone calls powerful signal will have what you need." Dustin, TX
"The unique thing about purchasing this from PowerfulSignal is the knowledgeable customer service you get. The sales people have installed and tested personally the system they sell. From experience they can recommend a system that will work for your application,. They can also guide you in testing and installation. Cell boosting can be a tricky system to setup. In my case *** help me choose the right system. Never bought with more confidence. " Gerald, CA
"As a repeat customer, I believe that not only do you provide the best cellular products, your staff's technical expertise, guided me through the selection process. I placed my trust in your technician and he delivered. I went from my original purchase from Powerful Signal a 3G multi band mobile cell booster to a new Wilson 46108. Big difference, outstanding service, support and products. I would definitely would recommend Power Signal to all that want to improve the cellular connection. Great work Power Signal." John, IN
"The system was easy to set up and works better than expected. Prior to install I had no phone service insidey metal building - now I have 4 to 5 bars and can use phone, text and internet with no problems at all." Jon, TX
"We are residential customers with poor cell reception at our home. While I was aware generally of the the various options to improve our cell reception, I had no idea of what solution would be right for our particular situation. Over the years I have had the opportunity to contact PowerfulSignal for minor needs, so I chose them again for this more complicated situation. The representative that I spoke to was very knowledgeable and explained things to me in a "plain english" manner. I was able to ask many questions and not feel intimidated by my lack of knowledge. I definitely felt that he was there to help me and not just make a sale. Ultimately, I bought a solution that appeared to be the right one for our situation. The shipping was extremely fast, the system components were packed professionally and everything I needed was included. The system is now installed and our cell reception has improved two-three fold. Many kudos to the good folks at PowerfulSignal for their help and excellent products." Bill, AZ
"I live in a rural location with spotty service (unless I am on the roof) and have purchased two different booster kits from PowerfulSignal. One for a wireless card only (hard wired to booster) and most recently the FlexPro 3G Booster Kit for Cell and the wireless card. In both cases I researched the website to get started and then called Powerful Signal for clarifications and additional application guidance. The advice was solid. Both products worked as expected. I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator and have installed countless mobile and fixed radio installations so have considerable radio experience. The help I received and the products were both top of the line. Price was also very competitive. PowerfulSignal is my go to for this type of application. Don't waste your time looking any further." Tim, WA
"Powerful Signal has been a great company to work with. I went on line to find cell phone signal boosters and your web page was hard to find. *** was the main company which I found and was ready to purchase. I saw a link to youtube that was comparing *** with *** so I watched this to see just how good *** was. *** was much faster. Our cell signal is week at our house and internet is only available by satellite. I had to stand by my kitchen window and stand still so I would not drop calls.We bought *** net and found that only one person could be on line at a time in order to have any down load speed. After hooking up our *** booster we went from 1 bar of signal to 3 bars and we were able to pull in LTE signal from ***. I had a hot spot that is 4G LTE. I activated it and now we have good speed for my wife, how is going to collage and for me when I am on line." Dave, NV
"I have placed several orders with Powerful Signal and have been not only pleased but actually amazed at the speed and efficiency with which my orders were filled and delivered. I would recommend this company to anyone (if I like them)." Jess, CO
"I work with *** in placing my orders and whatever comes up regarding those orders. He is always prompt in returning my calls and answering questions I have. In addition, I've had occasion to speak with tech support more than once and have found them to be available, knowledgeable, and courteous." Gordon, TX