Review & Comparison of Cell Phone Boosters for Vehicles

Wilson 801212 - Cellphone-Mate CM2000-40

Below are three wireless cell phone boosters offered by Powerful Signal.  This equipment has been field tested and used in remote mountain and desert areas of southern Utah, Arizona and Nevada.  Powerful Signal has a policy of only carrying products that perform and offer value to the customer.  We are contacted by many manufactuers and asked to carry their product.  We will bring their product in-house for review and testing.  We field test the product, usually along side others so we can compare how it performs to other units.  If it does not perform, Powerful Signal does not carry the product.  The construction quality of the product is also taken into consideration.  Powerful Signal prefers metal housings over plastic because of durability and RF component isolation.  Most products do not pass our testing and we do not carry them.  Below are three wireless cell phone vehicle boosters that have been tested and we feel perform well.



Wilson Electronics




Wilson 301127 Low Profile Antenna Wilson 801201 Cell Phone Booster Cellphone-Mate CM200 Antenna
Wilson 801212 Kit
Cellphone-Mate SureCall CM2000-WL-40
Cellphone-Mate CM2000-WL-40 Kit

Product Overview 

The Wilson 801201 amplifier can be configured with different outside and inside antennas.  The box contents of the Wilson 801201 contains the amplifier, vehicle power supply and the Wilson 301127 interior broadcast antenna.
Cellphone-Mate has proven itself in the past couple of years by coming out with their 3rd version of a mobile amplifier, the CM2000-WL-40.  The box contents of this system is the amplifier, 5dB magnete mount antenna, inside broadcast patch antenna, wall plug power supply, and vehicle power supply.


The Wilson amplifier is like others has gone through changes in the past several years.  The Wilson 801201 is classified as a 3-watt amplifier.  It is in a sturdy blue metal case with standard FME-Male connectors to connect antennas.  The amplifier has 3 lights on the face; a power light, a 800MHz light, and 1900MHz light.  These indicator lights show the operational status of the amplifier.
The CM2000-40 is now in its 3rd generation.  Version 3 is much improved over past versions.  This is also classified as a 3-watt amplifier.  It comes in a metal case with FME-Male connectors.  There are two indicator lights on the side of the amplifier; a green power light and red error light.  The CM2000-40 also has an ON/OFF switch on the side.


The Wilson 301127 Low Profile comes in the Wilson 801201 box.  Powerful Signal allows you to select from a variety of outside antennas.  This helps you configure the kit to the way you want it.
The Cellphone-Mate CM2000-40 comes as a complete kit from the manufacturer.  There are no options with this kit, however, it come complete with an interior patch broadcast antenna and a 12" magnet mount rooftop antenna.


1 Year


Wilson over the years has been the leader and the Wilson 801201 is still used as the standard to measure up to.  This unit performs well and is built very rugged.  This is the cell phone booster that you need if your are at the edge of the world.
It is hard to tell the difference in performance between the Wilson 801201 and the CM2000-WL-40.  Cellphone-Mate is working hard to have the best performing mobile amplifier.  The CM2000-40 (Ver. 3) will not disappoint you.  Take the money saved from not buying a Wilson and buy another set of antennas for your other vehicle.  Use the amp in two vehicles.