Product Return Policy

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Please read this policy so you understand the terms under which products purchased from Powerful Signal may be returned for a refund.  To clarify, "Product Return" is when product is purchased and the buyer wants to return the product for a refund.  "Product Warranty" is when product is purchased and the buyer wants to return the product for an exchange due to shipping damage or product failure.  All products are insured in case of shipping damage and will be replaced.  Defective items are replaced or repaired based upon Manufacturer's warranty policy.
Return Period
Products have a 30-day return period unless otherwise specified.  Some specialty or special order products are specified as non-returnable and can not be returned.  Call Powerful Signal before 30 days.
Return Policy Procedure
  1. Telephone Powerful Signal (866-912-3444) if there are any shipping damages or product performance issues.  Most problems can be diagnosed and resolved over the phone with our technical support staff.
  2. RMA# must be issued (Return Merchandise Authorization) from Powerful Signal for any product to be returned.  This RMA# is used by Powerful Signal to track the return process.  The RMA# must be written clearly on the outside of the shipping box.  Do not email a request for an RMA#.  Call toll-free 866-912-3444 or direct 435-634-6800.  Packages received without an RMA# will be refused.  We need an RMA# to properly handle returns.
  3. Product MUST be in perfect condition.  No refund is given for damaged or scratched product.
    1. Product must be in original (new) condition.  No scratches, scrapes, dents, marks, etc.
    2. Product must not have been mounted.  Mounted product such as antennas, coax, taps and splitters are non-returnable.  The mounting process scratches the product and mounting hardware.  Do not mount product until the system is tested and fully checked out.  Soft-install product during testing (no mounting).
  4. Return all components.  Do not forget small accessory items such as power supplies, mounting hardware, cables, connectors, documents, etc.  Any component(s) not returned will be charged at full price.
  5. Pack the return product properly.  A great deal of damage occurs when items are not packed properly for shipment.  Loose items will move around in the shipping box and cause damage.  Do not use product packaging as a shipping box.  Use a strong shipping box.  Pack all items securely.  Items damaged during shipment are non-returnable.
  6. Shipping Charges.  All shipping and insurance charges are the responsibility of the customer and will not be refunded.  A traceable shipping method should be used such as UPS, FedEX, etc.  Powerful Signal is not responsible for items lost during shipment.
Restock Fee
Powerful Signal charges a moderate 10% restock fee for returned items that comply with our return policy.  Shipping charges are not refunded.
Restock fees are calculated by taking the product price, less missing itemss (charged at full price), less mounted, scratched and damaged items (charged at full price) and multiplying the result by 0.10.
Building Systems
Please note that building sytems contain many components (coax, antennas, etc.). Only non-mounted products may be return in perfect condition.  Antennas, coax, and splitters that have been mounted and scratched cannot be returned for a refund.  Please try and do as much testing and system checkout as possible without mounting equipment.
Do not mount amplifiers or amplifier boxes until everything is tested and checked out.  Lay these types of items on a table or floor during the testing process.