Portable Cell Phone Booster Kits

Portable Cell Phone Boosters

Carry Case - Easily Moved - Quick Setup

Cell phone boosters in a soft carrry case with all the accessories to take with you on the road, water or to the office.  Designed for those individuals that need to stay connected for emergencies or every-day use.  Don't find yourself without a strong cell signal.

These systems have been configured for easy set-up and contain multiple power supplies for maximum flexibility.  Portable cell phone signal booster systems from Powerful Signal com in a variety of sizes for various applications.  Everything from a small desktop kit to the larger Command Center system.  A strong cell signal is a necessity, not an option.
Powerful Signal designed the soft carry case used by several of the systems so the cellular amplifier and all accessories fit neatly into a single bag for easy storage and transportation.
System flexibility and portability are the main focus of these systems.  Wether for business, pleasure or emergency preparedness, these portable cell signal booster kits from Powerful Signal can help you stay connected.
Portable Cell Signal Booster Kit
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