IWCE 2014 - International Wireless Communications Expo

IWCE 2014 - Las Vegas

Powerful Signal Checks out the Latest Cellular Technology

Many corporations selling Cellular Technology aren’t technology businesses. They’re aim is just to shift boxes of kit as quickly as possible and not worry about anything else. But we’re not like that.  Powerful Signal is a technology company with year’s history and knowledge in the cellular amplifier business. That’s why we can serve our customers with excellent products, genuine expertise and great after-sales service. And that’s also why we went to Vegas in late March to check out what’s happening now and in the near future for Cell Phone Technology at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE). The more we know, the better we can serve you with superior products and technology.

Regulation Changes

We’ve blogged elsewhere about the new FCC regulations which come into force this month, so our first target was to check out the Thursday session on ‘Signal Boosters: The New Environment’ to see if there’re any last minute developments. John Erhard, Engineering Manager & Sr. RF Engineer at Compliance Testing LLC and Chris Godwin, President of Wireless Technology Services Inc. spoke interestingly about the upcoming regulations and how they’ll affect suppliers and customers.

The Next Five Years

The keynote presentation was by technology futurist Daniel Burrus, someone of whom former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, said: “[His is] a ‘must hear’ presentation”. Daniel is the author of Flash Foresight: How To See The Invisible and Do The Impossible, a New York Times bestselling title, and is well known for the accuracy of his technology predictions and their impact on businesses. For more information, check out his website at
Daniel Burrus - IWCE 2014
Daniel Burris 

For now, here are a few gems from his presentation:
  •  “It’s not the tool. It’s how you use it. I know people who can pick up a telephone, talk to somebody and make a million dollars on that call. I also know people who can pick up a telephone and lose a million dollars on that call. The difference? Well, it’s not the phone.”
  • “In the next five years, we are not going to change but transform how we market, how we sell, how we communicate, how we collaborate, how we innovate, how we train, how we educate. If you’re just changing those things, then you’re falling behind.”
Burrus’ predictions included:
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will become Wear Your Own Device (WYOD). Devices like Google Glass create future possibilities.
  • Intelligent E-Agents, like Siri, will become more advanced and lead to a new radio system and a smart phone that is screenless, giving your battery a
  • Smart Glass – a smart phone without all the hardware – will be developed. This could come in the form of a nano spray that’s used to create a display surface.
  •  3D Web browsers.
  • The gamification of education and training. “Right now, all of our training systems are boring. What if they weren’t? What if they were interactive? What if they were competitive? What if they were game-like? What if they were engaging? What if they actually had humour built into them? They will.”
We only have five years to wait to see if he was right!

Key Partner Meeting (Cellphone-Mate and Powerful Signal)

Powerful Signal - Cellphone-Mate
Cellphone-Mate, manufacturers of the Sure Call range of cell signal boosters, used the opportunity of the Vegas IWCE to fix meetings with some key partners. And of course Powerful Signal was at the top of their list.

Founder and CEO of Cellphone-Mate, Hongtao Zhan, is an interesting man. The son of an engineering professor in China and a student protester in Tiananmen Square in 1989, Zhan came to the US in 1994. Following a period working as a senior design engineer in various corporations, Zhan became one of the pioneers of the Cell Phone Booster technology, starting Cellphone-Mate in 2001 and building it into the successful business it is today.
Zhan’s meeting with Powerful Signal President, Kevin Taylor, was therefore a meeting of minds. Kevin also has a deep background in software technology, and as well as being a computer programmer and businessman of considerable skill, Kevin’s business experience over the past 30 years means that he and Zhan have much in common.

The conversation at IWCE ranged across many topics, including: developing ever more innovative ways in which the companies could work together technically; the on-going search for ever better ways of delivering the very best products, services and consumer experience to their joint customers; and considering the impact of both short and long term future developments in mobile phone and cellular booster the technology.

We have all seen how sometimes these types meetings turn into little more than a ‘Meet & Greet’ accompanied by mutual self-congratulation. But nothing could be further from the truth here. The encounter was a successful working meeting, comprising a two-way exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings about how together the companies can bring the very best mobile phone performance and connectivity to customers.

And that’s about it

The week-long IWCE provided much food for thought for our team from Powerful Signal. Products under development were spotted and evaluated. New ideas for customer service were discussed. Relationships with partners and suppliers were enhanced. It was a successful event all round.

As we said at the beginning, many corporations selling Cellular Technology aren’t technology businesses, they just want to shift boxes. That’s not our way. Attending conferences and exhibitions like the IWCE enables our team to keep its knowledge up-to-date and sharply focus on how we can help our customers obtain the very they can from their cellular phone, regardless of where they are located.

The more we know, the better we can serve you with superior products and technology.

Jim Carroll