Wilson 859992 75 OHM Lightning Surge Protector

Lightning Surge Protector

Wilson 859992 75 OHM Lightning Surge Protector

Lightning surge protector for use on 75 Ohm RG6 coax cable with F connectors.
Item Number:
Connector: N-Female, F-Female
Type: Building

Product Description

The 75 OHM Surge Protector is a lightning arrester of coaxial construction for use with RG6 coax.  This device is designed to absorb the surge of lightning strikes on an antenna at the top of a building and ground it, thus providing lightning protection for amplifiers.

Note: This Surge Protector has F connectors and is NOT designed for use with N connector coax.


  • F-Female and F-Female Connectors
  • Designed for RG6 coax with F-Male connectors
  • Built-in gas-charging surge arrester element that discharges and grounds the surge at the moment the surge voltage exceeds a specific level
  • Should the surge arrester element be damaged, it can easily be replaced with a new element.
  • Loss - Less than 0.2dB