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International Cell Signal Booster Products

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Improve your cell signal strength and quality in your building or vehicle with a cell phone signal booster.  Forget about walking over to the window or going outside to make a cell phone call.  Bring a string cell signal into your home or office.

Powerful Signal has assembled an offering of cellular amplifiers, antennas, and other components for use in countries around the world. These are high quality components are manufactured by well-established, mature companies. Powerful Signal works hard to provide quality systems to our customers throughout the world.

World-wide Frequency Information

Cell signal boosters that can be used in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. Cellular frequencies vary by country and carrier. Please know the frequency your carrier uses. Below are two website locations to assist you with frequency information. One for CDMA carriers, the other for GSM carriers. Powerful Signal advises you to consult with your carrier for accurate frequency information.
The United States and Canada primarily use 800MHz and 1900MHz. Other countries throughout the world primarily use 900MHz, 1800MHz, and some 2100MHz. There are a few countries outside of the United States that also use 800MHz and 1900MHz.

International Frequency Information Below:

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North America

Central America


South America

Asia - South Pacific

GSM Users

Visit Mobile World Live, scroll down the page and select your country. After you have selected your country, frequencies are displayed by carrier.

CDMA Users

Visit CDMA Development Group, select your region of the world.  Operators and their frequenies are listed by country within the selected region.