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SureCall FORCE-5 CM5000-80 5-Band Building System

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SureCall Force 5 Building System
SureCall Force 5 Building SystemSureCall FORCE-5 CM5000 building repeaterWide Band Exterior Building AntennaWide Band 700-2500MHz Dome Antenna
Price: Starting at $3,699.95
Can not ship to US address

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Discontinued Product - Click here to view the new SureCall Force 5 Kit

Important Note: This Product is not for use in the United States and will not be shipped to a US address.

Product Description

At the heart of this in-building repeater system is the FCC approved 80dB gain SureCall FORCE-5 CM5000 5-band amplifier from Cellphone-Mate.  The CM5000 is unique in that it incorporates all 5 major US and Canadian cellular frequencies; 800MHz cellular, 1900MHz PCS, 700MHz Verizon 4G LTE, 700MHz AT&T 4G LTE, and AWS into a single unit.
Each uplink and downlink of each frequency is individually adjustable in 1dB increments up to 31dB.  This allows you to balance your system broadcast more accurately.
The FORCE-5 in-building repeater system by Powerful Signal is complete and comes with everything needed to bring strong voice and data signal into your building.
If you need this type of equipment and performance, we welcome you to talk to Powerful Signal Business Solutions Group who can answer any questions you may have on the Force 5.
Cellphone-Mate FORCE-5 CM5000-80 Amplifier
SureCall FORCE-5 CM5000 

4G LTE - Verizon - AT&T - T-Mobile

The FORCE-5 CM5000-80 has all the 4G LTE frequencies (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile).  Don't settle for a week, slow 4G connection.  Stronger 4G signals equate to faster 4G data throughput.  Bring the 4G speed your business needs into your building.
Stronger LTE - Faster Data 

System Configuration

The FORECE-5 building system can easily be configured for your building environment.  This 5 band in-building system has been designed to be implemented as a hub-and-spoke architecture with equal coax cable lengths for each antenna.  This helps balance the antenna broadcast radius and create even fill within your building.
Antenna options from 1 to 4 interior antenna are available.  Coax cable length can be selected for the run between the splitter and the antennas and the outside antenna to the amplifier.
Sample 4 Antenna Configuration shown above

System Components

Following are the components that are included with the FORCE-5 CM5000-80 in-building system.
  1. Cellphone-Mate FORCE-5 CM5000-80 amplifier
  2. Wide-band interior dome antenna(s) - number selected by user
  3. Wide-band exterior omni antenna
  4. Coax for FORCE-5 to exterior antenna - length selected by user
  5. Coax for interior dome antenna(s) - length selected by user
  6. Wide-band splitter (if multiple antennas are selected)
  7. 10' Jumper for splitter (if multiple antennas are selected)
  8. J-Pipe Roof Mount for exterior antenna
  9. Lightning Surge Protector

Interior Antennas

A wide-band dome antenna has been selected for the FORCE-5 building system to accommodate all 5 frequencies used by the amplifier.  This wide-band dome antenna can easily be mounted to a commercial drop ceiling tile or conventional sheetrock ceiling.  This system can be configured with 1, 2, 3, or 4 dome antennas.
Top Signal Dome Antenna 
Interior Dome

Exterior Antenna

A wide-band exterior omni-directional antenna comes with the FORCE-5 CM5000-80 in-building system.  This wide band antenna is designed to be mounted on a J-Pipe.  The wide-band antenna picks up all carrier frequencies in all directions.
Exterior Rooftop Antenna

Coax Cable

High quality 400 low loss coax cable comes with the FORCE-5 in-building system.  Several coax lengths are available for the coax cable running from the amplifier to the exterior roof-top antenna and from the amplifier to the interior dome antennas.  If multiple antennas are selected, equal coax lengths are provided for each antenna and a jumber coax cable is provided from the amplifier to the splitter.
400 low loss coax cable

Wide-band splitter

If multiple antennas are selected, the appropriate splitter is provided with the system.  For example, if 4 antennas are selected, a 4-way splitter is provided.
Top Signal 4-way splitter
2-way, 3-way, 4-way splitters

J-Pipe Universal Mount

A universal J-Pipe Mount is provided with the system.  This type of mount makes it easier to mount the exterior roof-top antenna to a flat, vertial or slanted surface.
Universal J-Pipe Mount

Lighting Surge Protector

The lightning surge protector provided with the system is designed to be connected between the exterior antenna and the exterior coax running to the amplifier.  The lightning surge protector has a gas fuse and the ability to be grounded.  This helps protect your amplification equipment in the event of a lightning strike or static build-up.


FORCE-5 CM5000-80 Specifications

PCS:            Uplink: 1850-1910   Downlink: 1930-1990
Cellular:         Uplink: 824-849     Downlink: 869-894
AT&T LTE:   Uplink: 698-716     Downlink: 728-746
Verizon LTE:  Uplink: 776-787     Downlink: 746-757
AWS:            Uplink: 1710-1755  Downlink: 2110-2155
Input Impeadance 50 ohm
Average Gain 80dB
Maximum Gain 85dB
Standards Supported
and all other standard cell phone networks
Maximum RF Output Power 27 dBm with High Linearity
Noise Figure 5dB
VSWR <=2
Connectors N-Female on both ends
AC Power Input AC110V, 60Hz; Output DC19V
Power Consumption <65W
14 x 11 x 2.5 inches
36 x 28 x 6 cm
Amplifier Weight
20 lbs
Power Consumption <9W

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