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Distributed Antenna System - ProWay 500 Enterprise - 5-Band

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High-rise Office Building
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Discontinued Product

Scalable Cellular Platform - Timely Implementation for Multi-Floor or Large Environments

Powerful Signal Distributed Antenna Systems ( has supplied thousands of building systems to a wide variety of industries, government agencies and education facilities.

  • Medical Centers
  • Hotels & Lodges
  • Education
  • Financial Institutions
  • City, County & State Government
  • Federal Agencies - FAA, NASA, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, FEMA, FBI, NOAA, DOE, CDC, etc.
  • Military - Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Centers


5-Band Booster/Repeater Systems

Cellular, PCS, AWS, Verizon LTE, AT&T LTE

ProWay 500 Enterprise 5-Band system handles all voice along with 2G/3G/4G LTE data on 700MHz, 800MHz, and 1900MHz frequencies that utilize CDMA, UMTS, WDCMA, HSPA(+), EVDO, and LTE.  This option is designed for locations that need strong cellular and 4G LTE signals in their building.

The Powerful Signal ProWay 500 Enterprise Platform has been created to address low cell signal and 4G problems in multi-floor high-rise office buildings and other large commercial structures.  This scalable platform is modularized to allow expansion and roll-out in multi-floor scenarios.
A main Enterprise Amplification Unit (EAU) in conjunction with Enterprise Zone Modules (EZM) on each floor or main area form the basis for the system.  Interior antennas connected to each Zone Module  broadcast cell signals to fill each floor or area with stronger, usable voice and data signal.
The ProWay 500 Enterprise Platform can be installed and implemented in a timely manner by building maintenance, IT personnel, or professional installers.  Powerful Signal will perform the engineering and design work and deliver a complete solution that includes amplifiers, antennas, pre-cut/terminated coax, and connection diagrams.



  • Works with 2G/3G/4G, Cellular and PCS, and LTE frequencies
  • 24 month amplifier warranty from manufacturer
  • Scalable system - expand to additonal floors / zones
  • Each zone is independently adjustable
  • No maintenance or rental fees

Call Powerful Signal to get the professional products and service your company needs to solve your weak cell signal problems.


Sample Enterprise High-rise Building Configuration
Sample Enterprise Warehouse / Distribution Center Configuration

Product Description

Powerful Signal ProWay 500 Enterprise Platform is a scalable and modularized platform which allows independently installed floors/zones which expand and enhance cellular coverage areas within large commercial buildings.  This is a complete system with all components provided.
Enterprise Platform Components (quantity varies by design):
  1. Outside Antenna (Directional or Omni-Directional)
  2. EAU - Enterprise Amplifier Unit (5-band )
  3. EZM - Enterprise Zone Module (5-band)
  4. EIM - Enterprise In-Line Module (5-band)
  5. Inside Antennas (Ceiling Mount Domes, Wall Mount Panels)
  6. Coax (Pre-Cut terminated low loss 400 or Plenum Air) 
  7. J-Pipe Universal Exterior Antenna Mounts


Powerful Signal business group ( Powerful Signal Distributed Antenna Solutions) designs an Enterprise Platform System specific for your environment.  We work with you and your organization through the entire project to design your system and provide installation and connection diagrams for simple, clear implementations.
Contact Powerful Signal for information about this system and to get an estimate for your building.

Coverage Area

Inside coverage distance varies depending upon outside signal strength, carrier frequency, coax length/type and interior obstacles.  The ProWay Enterprise Platform system has been designed to provide coverage to multi-floor high rise buildings or large commercial spaces above 50,000 square feet. Powerful Signal Business Solutions has designed single and multi-floor systems that cover 1 million square feet. 

Antenna Separation

Exterior and interior antennas need to have the proper separation.  This is usually about 75+ feet depending upon several variables:
  • Obstacles (metal, concrete, etc.) between antennas
  • Difference in height between antennas.  Vertical separation is very helpful.
If concrete or metal is between antennas, then less separation distance is needed.  Contact Powerful Signal for more information regarding antenna separation.  We will help you design your system properly.

Antenna Options

Exterior Antennas
A choice of two different exterior antennas are offered:
  • TS210502 - 5dB gain Omni-directional 22" fiberglass
  • TS221071 - 9dB gain directional
The TS210371 wide-band omni antenna collects signal from 360 degrees, all directions.  This antenna is generally recommended, and it works well in most situations.
The TS221071 is wide-band directional and must be pointed in the direction of the cell tower(s).  This antenna works best when there is good line-of-sight to the cell tower or the terrain is mainly flat or low rolling hills.  Not recommended in low spots or dense forested areas.
Both antennas work with all carriers and frequencies.  Mounting hardware is included and installation is required.
A J-Pipe Universal Mount is included with this system.  This allows the exterior antenna to be easily mounted on a wall or rooftop.
Omni-Directional Wide-band antenna 
Omni-Directional Antenna
Top Signal LPDA Directional Antenna
Directional Antenna
J-Pipe Universal Antenna Mount
J-Pipe Universal Antenna Mount
Interior Antennas
The default antenna for the ProWay 500 Enterprise system is ceiling mount dome.  Antennas are selected based upon design requirements and building layout.  
The dome is recommended in most situations when a dropped ceiling is available.  Panels are used in unique situations where wall mount is the only option.
Top Signal Dome Antenna
Ceiling Dome Antenna
Wall Mount Panel Antenna
Wall Panel Antenna


This system can be configured with low loss 400 coax, heliax coax, or plenum air coax.  Powerful Signal can deliver your coax pre-cut with connectors on each end or in bulk.
If needed, Powerful Signal can supply bulk coax if your installation group wants to cut and terminate the coax themselves.
Low loss 400 Coax Cable
RFS Plenum Air

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