Commercial warehouse and distribution center DAS solutions for better cell signal and 4G data

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Cellular DAS Solutions for Warehouses and Distribution Centers

The Problem

Today's logistics and warehousing industry demands real-time information, requiring a consistently strong cellular data and voice signal. Yet most large distribution centers are constructed primarily from concrete tilt-up walls and fabricated metal partitions that block out cellular signals, even when a cell tower is nearby with a clear line of sight. When critical logistical information gets lost, delayed, or garbled, business slows to a crawl and people make costly errors.

The Powerful Signal Solution

Powerful Signal custom designs distributed antenna systems (DAS) that can be scaled to building of any size, material, and configuration. Our solutions can provide clear cellular signal strength throughout the entire length and width of your distribution center or warehouse.

Because we use the best FCC-approved, non-proprietary components, we can concentrate our efforts in designing the right solution for your exact requirements that is both cost-effective and can be installed within weeks, not months or years.

We will consult directly with you to understand the extent of the current problem, your building's unique set-up, and your ultimate expectations. The cellular amplification system we recommend will meet your specific needs, as well as your budget and your schedule.

Keeping You and Your Inventory Moving

Keeping tabs on your inventory, ensuring your employees are safe and productive, and maintaining an orderly workflow are functions that should not be dependent on the whims of an intermittent cellular signal. With a custom-designed solution from Powerful Signal, the cell signal you need will be there, each and every time you, your employees, and your customers need it. No matter where you are in your warehouse facility, constant contact will be the rule, not the exception.

Clear, strong cellular voice and data reception, everywhere in your building: That's Powerful Signal's solutions service guarantee.

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Get the right 4G cellular solution, designed specifically for your building.

Our Projects: Warehouse, Distribution Center, Manufacturing Facility Systems

Here is a just a sample of the projects Powerful Signal has completed for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Projects vary by size and complexity; some cover the entire building, a single floor, or just a specific problem area.

Powerful Signal respects the privacy of our large corporate customers and does not publish their names.

Glass Plant (148,155 ft²)

A glass plant in Texas needed better voice service on their factory floor. Powerful Signal designed and installed a cellular DAS system that covered 148,155 square feet on a single floor in four different zones.

Large Tool and Machine Shop (290,000 ft²)

A large tool and machine facility in Ohio needed 4G LTE for Verizon and AT&T in their offices and plant area. They had no voice or data reception anywhere in the building. Powerful Signal designed a five-band 4G system that included 4G LTE coverage for all major carriers, including Verizon and AT&T. We implemented this solution on one floor with seven zones, covering 290,000 square feet in their building.

Global network of service providers (267,000 ft²)

A corporation that manages a worldwide, integrated network of service companies needed better signal in 252,000 square feet of warehouse and 15,500 square feet of office space. Powerful Signal designed a single floor system that met their needs.

Manufacturing Company Office (4,800 ft²)

A global leader in its industry required a better cell signal in one of its office areas. Powerful Signal designed a solution that was installed by a local contractor and covered 4,800 square feet on two floors.

Large Manufacturing Facility (167,820 ft²)

A manufacturing facility in Ohio needed improved cellular voice and data coverage for their employees across 70% of their 238,948-square foot manufacturing plant. Powerful Signal designed a zone-based system that covered 167,820 square feet on a single floor.

Ohio Pharmaceutical Company (190,000 ft²)

A large pharmaceutical company in the Midwest needed better cell signal in their office and warehouse space. Powerful Signal created a custom system to cover three floors of office space and one floor of warehouse, with a total square footage of 190,000 square feet.

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