DAS System Consulting

DAS System Consulting

Understanding Your Cell Signal Problem

Custom Cellular Amplifier Quote

At Powerful Signal, we take the appropriate time to thoroughly understand your cell signal problem. Our consultation service is free, and includes:

  • Developing an understanding of your organization's cell signal problem.
  • Collecting the right information needed to create a solution that's accurate and reliable.
  • Creating a customized quote that includes both costs and timelines for installing a solution that will fix your problem.

We complete our initial quotes quickly, and give you figures and schedules you can rely on.

Learning about your building and your problem

We'll start by discussing with you what your specific cell signal problem is, where it's happening, and how it's affecting your business or agency. Our goal is to understand your exact problem so we can craft a solution that will address it.

Collecting the right information

Our design experts will work with you and your team to gather the information we need to create a quote. This information includes floor plans (if available), details on the interior design of your building, and a rough idea of existing outside cell signal strength. We make this step as simple and easy as possible for you.

Creating your customized quote

After we understand the problem and have the information we need, we'll create a custom quote for a passive DAS (distributed antenna system) solution that includes both cost and installation timelines. Our quotes are accurate and reliable—you can use yours to create a budget for your DAS solution project and send it to any review committees or officers.

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