High-rise commercial DAS solutions for better cell signal and 4G data

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Cellular DAS Solutions for High-Rise Buildings

The Problem

The architecture of multi-story buildings poses a challenge to 4G cellular networks: The materials used in their construction—steel, concrete, and low-e glass—block cellular signals from getting in and out of the building, even if there's a cell tower nearby. And, if your building is in the heart of a major city, the crowded urban skyline makes it even more challenging to maintain a clear signal.

Businesses, customers, and tenants demand cellular data, voice, streaming, and all available 24/7. As a property or business owner, ensuring the long-term satisfaction of your tenants is paramount, and today that includes having a strong cellular signal on every floor of your building.

The Powerful Signal Solution

With a cost-effective, passive DAS (distributed antenna system), designed to your building's exact requirements, Powerful Signal will help you meet the challenge of providing the strongest possible cellular voice and data signal in your building. We've done this for thousands of property managers, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies, and we can do it for you!

Configured to Meet Your Specific Needs

Our scalable and modular enterprise cell phone amplifier systems use non-proprietary, FCC-approved components to achieve the strongest possible voice and 4G LTE signal at the best possible cost. Using our expertise and experience, we can design an enterprise system specific to your building configuration, eliminating weak spots wherever they exist.

Want to start by covering just a few floors? No problem. With our modular and scalable approach, you can begin with a floor or two now, then add more as demand changes or your budget increases. You can be confident that you'll get the right system for your building, large or small, with the results you need, at a price that fits your budget.

High rise celluar DAS system designed and configured for a single floor High rise celluar DAS system designed and configured for many floors
For one floor… …or twenty floors.

Time Is Money

Once you've identified the solution to your problem, you'll want to implement it as quickly as possible. Powerful Signal will deliver a customized DAS solution that will match your timeline. And our attentive technical support team is available, toll-free, for the lifetime of your system.

Clear, strong cellular voice and data reception, everywhere in your building: That's Powerful Signal's solutions service guarantee.

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Get the right 4G cellular solution, designed specifically for your building.

Our Projects: Office Building Systems

Here is a just a sample of the projects Powerful Signal has completed for office building environments.

Projects vary by size and complexity; some cover the entire building, a single floor, or just a specific problem area.

Powerful Signal respects the privacy of our large corporate customers and does not publish their names.

Multi-Floor Rollout (207,000 ft²)

A company with six floors of office space wanted to roll out an enterprise system on a scheduled timeline. Half of the first floor (17,250 square feet) was initially implemented. Rollout will continue as needed for the rest of the six floors, totaling 207,000 square feet.

Plastics Company (17,000 ft²)

A plastics company with an office and warehouse needed stronger cell signal in the office portion of their building. A cellular DAS system was designed to cover 17,000 square feet of office space in their facility.

Luxury Car Dealer (38,212 ft²)

A luxury European car dealer in California needed to improve cellular coverage in their showroom and maintenance area for both customers and employees. Customers were having problems making and receiving calls in the showroom area. A cellular amplification system was designed and implemented to cover 38,212 square feet in their facility.

Biopharmaceutical Company (Complete Building: 133,000 ft²)

A California-based biopharmaceutical company required the best possible cell signal throughout their entire building. A five-floor system was designed and implemented covering 133,000 square feet.

Small, Multi-Floor Office of Fortune 500 Company (1,250 ft²)

A global Fortune 500 company needed improved cell signal in one of their office locations in Iowa. The design experts at Powerful Signal created a small cellular DAS system for two floors, covering 1,250 square feet. (This is an example of a system designed to rectify a "dead zone".)

Multi-Floor Washington DC Office (30,000 ft²)

This system was designed and configured by Powerful Signal to cover 30,000 square feet on two office floors. The building has extremely high security, and the system installation was completed by a Powerful Signal business partner who has performed similar installations for other organizations with similar requirements.

Multi-Floor Office (8,600 ft²)

Powerful Signal worked with a Florida systems integrator to provide a multi-floor office with a cell signal amplifier system. The system covers 8,600 square feet on 2 different floors.

Office / Lab (26,500 ft²)

A laboratory in the state of New York required a cellular DAS system to cover 26,500 square feet in the lab and adjoining office space. This system was implemented on a single floor of one of the buildings in their campus.

Bank Offices (37,000 ft²)

A Redlands, California, credit union needed stronger cell signal in their headquarters office building. A system was designed and implemented for two floors, covering about 37,000 square feet of space.

Ohio Pharmaceutical Company (190,000 ft²)

A large pharmaceutical company in the Midwest needed better cell signal in their office and warehouse space. Powerful Signal designed a system to cover three floors of office space and their warehouse, for a total coverage of around 190,000 square feet.

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