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Videos from Powerful Signal

Below are several videos from Powerful Signal that contain information that may be helpful to you in selecting your cell phone booster for either your home or vehicle.
An overview of how a home cell phone booster system is implemented and where antennas and coax are placed in a sample home. 
Wilson's strongest home system that uses RG6 coax.  Some people are comfortable with RG6 or already have it in their home.  This 70dB home cell phone booster system is ideal for most average size homes.
This video shows the components of the Wilson 801247 Desktop kit.  This kit is greaat for a small work area in a home, apartment, or condo. Can even be used in an office situation where a window is available for antenna placement.
Wilson 801212 Installation Ideas
This video shows some installation ideas for Wilson's flagship wireless vehicle booster.  It shows where antennas are placed and how to hide the coax.
Wilson 801212 Installation Ideas
A fun video about the Wilson 801212 kit. 
Cellphone-Mate has a good mobile wireless amplifier.  This video shows the components in the kit.
The 811210 Signalboost is one of Wilson's non-wireless offerings in the mobile cell phone booster arena.  If you don't have the budget for wireless then this cell phone booster might be your best choice.