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Cellphone-Mate SureCall 68dB Small Building System

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SureCall CM2020-68dB Kit
SureCall CM2020-68dB KitCellphone-Mate CM2020-68 - Front ViewTop Signal Omni AntennaTop Signal Directional AntennaTop Signal Dome Antenna
Connector: N-Female
Gain: 68dB
Application: Cellular/PCS, Cellular, PCS, 2G/3G
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year

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Product Description

This dual-band 68dB (800/1900) system uses one of Cellphone-Mates' larger dual-band building amplifier.  The complete system has been designed to broadcast an improved cell signal into multiple rooms in homes and buildings.  Broadcast distance varies depending upon outside cell signal strength and frequency.  Interior and exterior antennas should be separated a minimum 50+ feet to avoid oscillation between antennas.  This system requires installation.
 Need a larger system? Look at the CM2020-75.  Click Here.

System Components:

  1. CM2020-68 dual-band amplifier
  2. Inside Antenna (ceiling dome or wall panel)
  3. Outside Antenna (Omni or directional)
  4. Coax from amplifier to outside antenna
  5. Coax from amplifier to inside antenna
  6. J-Pipe Universal Antenna Mount
  Home Cell Signal Booster Diagram
Sample installation: Antenna on the roof, amplifier and dome antenna in the attic. 
Outside antenna needs to be mounted on the roof of your building.  Outside antennas are designed to be mounted on a pole (max 2" diameter) using U-bolts.  Coax needs to be run from the outside antenna to the amplifier.  The amplifier can easily be mounted on a wall in an equipment, utility, or storage room.  The inside antenna needs to be mounted on a ceiling (dome) or wall (panel).  Coax needs to be run from the inside antenna to the amplifier.  Standard wall plug power is required near the amplifier.  Antennas do not require power.

Coverage Area

Inside coverage distance varies depending upon outside signal strength, carrier frequency (800 or 1900Mhz) and interior obstacles.  The CM68 has been designed to provide approximately 500 to 1,000 sf of coverage in low signal areas (1 bar outside) and up to 10,000 sf in strong signal areas (4-5 bars outside).  Note: These calculations are for 1900Mhz.  800MHz will provide more coverage.  Please consult with Powerful Signal to determine expected coverage area for your situation.

Antenna Separation

Exterior and interior antennas need to have the proper separation.  This is usually about 60+ feet depending upon several variables.
  • Obstacles (metal, concrete, etc.) between antennas
  • Difference in height between antennas.  Vertical separation is very effective.
Contact Powerful Signal for more information regarding antenna separation.  We will help you design your system properly.

CM2020-68 Amplifier

The CM2020-68 is Cellphone-Mates largest dual-band (800/1900MHz) cell signal repeater for buildings.  This amplifier has 31dB of adjustment for both 800MHz and 1900MHz along with 31dB of adjustment for both uplink and downlink.  This adjustability enables the amplifier to be easily be configured in many different building scenarios. 
Top View of CM2020-68
Top View 
Bottom View of CM2020-68
Bottom View 

Cellphone-Mate Warranty

Cellphone-Mate has a full 2 year manufacturer warranty on their amplifiers.  If anything goes wrong, it will be repaired or completely replaced.  This is one of the best manufacturer warranties in the industry.

Exterior Antennas

A choice of two different exterior antennas are offered.
  • 5dB gain Omni fiberglass
  • 9dB gain directional
The omni antenna collects signal from 360 degrees, all directions.  This antenna is generally recommended, and it works well in most situations.
The directional must be pointed in the direction of the cell tower(s).  This antenna works best when there is a good line-of-site to the cell tower or the terrain is mainly flat or low rolling hills.  Not recommended in low spots or dense forested areas.
Both antennas work with 800/1900MHz carriers.  Mounting hardware is included and installation is required.
A J-Pipe Universal Antenna Mount is included with the system.  This mount allows the exterior antenna to be easily mounted to a wall or rooftop.
  Top Signal Omni Antenna
Omni-Directional Antenna
Top Signal LPDA Directional Antenna
Directional Antenna

Interior Antennas

A choice of two different interior antennas is also offered:
  • DomeOmni ceiling mount dome
  • Directional wall mount panel

The dome is recommended in most situations when an attic or dropped ceiling is available.  A panel is recommended in homes with vaulted ceilings and situations where antennas cannot be mounted on the ceiling.

Top Signal Dome Antenna
Dome Antenna 
Panel Antenna 


This system provides two lengths of 400 low loss coax.  One length is used from the amplifier to the interior antenna.  The other length is used from the amplifier to the exterior antenna.  Select lengths that best fit your installation environment.  Remember: each foot of coax is signal loss so don't just get the longest length.  Figure what you need and select the length that best fits.  Note:  Never coil excess coax.  It will cause problems.

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