Best Selling Vehicle, 1-2 Room, Complete Home and Small Office Boosters

Wilson weBoost 4G Home Pro Cell Phone Booster
Price: $1,499.95
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4 Interior Antennas (with extra Panel Antenna)
Wilson Pro 70 Office PRO
Price: $1,999.95
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4 Interior Antennas (with extra Panel Antenna)
Full Technical Support for all Cell Phone Booster Products

Powerful Signal has a full-time support and sales staff that can handle every question you have about cell phone boosters, mobile boosters, residential boosters, and commercial boosters. This is our business and we are experts in the equipment we sell. The big box stores want to sell you the product, but they do not know anything about cell signal booster installation or support. We do.

Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Boosters for 3G and 4G Voice and Data

We have cell phone signal booster products from Wilson Electronics that improve both cell signal voice strength and 3G and 4G data rates. Staying connected with smartphones and other digital devices is a necessity in todays world. Powerful Signal offers a variety of products that keep you connected.

Top Rated Cell Phone Booster Manufacturers with Excellent Warranties

We offer products from the best cell phone booster manufacturers in the industry. Products from Wilson Electronics, weBoost, Top Signal, and others can be purchased. We want you to get the right product for your cell signal problem and we will recommend the best one for your situation.

Complete Cell Phone Signal Booster and Accessory Product Line

Powerful Signal offers a complete cell phone signal booster product line, including complete kits, cellular antennas, coax cable, connectors, splitters etc. Everything you need for simple out-of-the-box kits or more complex building solutions.